Virgos Lounge

Saturday, May 31, 2014

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I'm in love with my VLabel London Bond Dress which can either sit on the shoulders or be worn off the shoulders depending on your preference.

As a vertically challenged gal, I've found my loophole into pulling off midi and maxi dresses without a hitch and its all in the art of the dress split. Showing a little bit of leg can add length and shape to a dress that would otherwise swallow you up which is why the Bond Dress was perfect for me!

Make sure you check out Virgos Lounge's amazing one of a kind dresses and get the London look ;)

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St Frock x Blushop

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

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Today are three of my favourite "right now" things combined: reflector sunglasses, lighting/cracked print and metallic detailing.

Cracked/lightning print has taken social media by a snowstorm so it wasn't going to be long before I got swept away too. This print adds an edge to the usually neutral black and white and is the perfect contrast with fitted outerwear and boots. Click here to shop the range. 

I've always been a black blazer kind of gal, if I had a blazer colour option then black would win all the time... until I saw the gold trim blazer. The rose gold tint is the perfect cherry on top for a classic fitted blazer and I love the almost boyfriend length it has on me (perks of a shorter girl). Check out St Frock's range of blazers and outerwear here or by clicking the label below.

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Wish x Honda City

Saturday, May 24, 2014

 photo WishHondaMineralTopv2_zpsa818a8e7.jpg photo WishHondaMineralTopReebonzBagv2_zps312e4f14.jpg photo WishMineralTopReebonzYvesSaintLaurentCLutch_zps4a81fb34.jpg photo yvessaintlaurentclutchreebonzauthentic_zps988c1d20.jpg
Mineral Top by Wish, Yves Saint Laurent Clutch from Reebonz, Tony Bianco Shoes, Evil Twin Jacket, Luvalot Skirt // Photos by Tito-licious

The Outfit 
Adding pops of colour to an outfit gives it a new form of life. Wish's Mineral top added another element (excuse the pun) to a once neglected jacket and skirt. Unfortunately this time around for my Wish x Honda City post, the sun only came out during the last few shots of the set so I've let the top do most of the talking instead of the setting. 

The Bag 
If you follow me on Instagram you can probably tell that I'm a Saint Laurent hoarder. Despite the dropping of the Yves, I can't get enough of the classic YSL logo and the classic clutch is always going to be on my favourites list!

How to get 40% off designer handbags 
If you're a bag hoarder like me - make sure you sign up to Reebonz by clicking this link here to get access to their 40% off sales events happening NEXT WEEK! I don't know about you but 40% off designer items sounds like an early Christmas to me. 

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Whitney Port for Cooper St and Balenciaga

Sunday, May 18, 2014

 photo doubletakeskirtcooperstanniepop_zpsc8232ecf.jpg photo anniepopcooperstcroppeddoubletaketop_zpsc7d5fa1b.jpg photo cooperstanniepopwhitneyporteve_zps05ed5205.jpg photo balenciagamotorcyclebag_zps0efb9bc4.jpg Double Take Top by Whitney Port for Cooper St, Double Take Skirt by Whitney Port for Cooper St, ASOS Sunglasses, Balenciaga Classic City Bag by Reebonz

The Outfit
Soon to come to Cooper St is this stripy collab with Whitney Port and many more for the monochrome lovers and staple hunters. You can't really go wrong with black and white stripes and Whitney Port's modern feminine touch made the Double Take combo my perfect sunday stroll outfit.

To see what is available as well as shop the up to 60% off sale click here.

The Bag 
If you're wondering why the Balenciaga Classic City Bag is so sought after, it may be because of the Balenciaga hardware details or the fact that it comes in almost every colour under the sun - black, beiges, jewel tones and more, but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with its extremely lightweight feel. The leather is cut thin instead of chunky which makes it extremely easy to wear but still durable with plenty of room for all the necessities and more.

The Balenciaga Classic City bag is currently available in over 6 colours at the Reebonz store on George St in the City, Sydney and you can also purchase it online from Reebonz.

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Little Red Riding Hood

Saturday, May 10, 2014

 photo anniepop-stfrock-coat-reebonz-yves-saint-laurent-clutch_zps5eaa6906.jpg  photo coats-anniepop-ysl-clutch-saint-laurentcopy-cropped_zps7e9c49c2.jpg  photo saint-laurent-classic-y-clutch_zpsf45434cd.jpg  photo anniepopskirtdress-cropped_zps16f0355f.jpg  photo saint-laurent-classic-y-clutch-reebonz-designer-bags_zpsc4dc32a0.jpg

Blair Waterfall Coat by St Frock, Skirt by Chicwish, YSL Classic Y Clutch from Reebonz, Shoes by Tony Bianco, Top by ASOS

Feeling like little red riding hood on this chilly afternoon in this red ensemble. Although it probably wasn't wise for little red riding hood to walk through the woods alone dressed in red, its definitely one of my favourite pop colours this season and breaks up my winter monochrome closet quite well!

The Blair Waterfall Coat
There are two things that I love in a coat: large collars and waterfall drapes. This St Frock coat features 2 in 1 with the added bonus of pockets. Its a simple staple coat to match your glass of red ;) and is now available here.

The Midi Skirt 
I've been apprehensive about the midi skirt, not because it doesn't look great but because I didn't think I had the height for it. I'm not an incredibly tall person and the midi skirt looked like it might be a gown on me but the Chicwish midi skirt was the perfect fit! I can safely say that I've hopped on the midi skirt bandwagon.

The Y Clutch 
This classic Y Clutch by Saint Laurent features the iconic Y gold hardware and is the perfect size to fit your wallet, phone and makeup essenrtials. Its a flap front clutch with a magentic snap closure and is available in over 10 colours, if you would like $38 off this bag or any other designer goods at Reebonz just sign up here.

Thinking about selling your designer pre-loved goods? 
If you have valuable designer goods that have been collecting dust and you're eager to sell it, Reebonz can help you with their consignment service! Anyone can consign their handbags with Reebonz and you can either drop by the Reebonz Concept Store on 570 George St, Sydney or if you live outside of Sydney just email with item information and images.

Remember to click here for $38 to spend on your first purchase at Reebonz!
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Fan Fair Affair

Monday, May 5, 2014

 photo anniepop_cooperst_stfrock_bustier_zps9c811c32.jpg  photo anniepop_stfrock_cardigan_cooperst_clothing_zpsa4135274.jpg  photo anniepop_cooperst_clothing_zps42af2506.jpg
Fan Fair Bustier by Cooper St, Long Cardigan by St Frock, Shorts by Shilla, Shoes by Tony Bianco

Monochrome is a timeless trend that is transeasonal and easy to wear with anything which explains why the majority of my closet is black and white, but as boring as black and white sounds - it doesn't have to be boring! 

Structured bustiers like this Fan Fair Bustier by Cooper St and finding a new use for cotton or chiffon cardigans like my favourite draped cardigan from St Frock is definitely something I'm enjoying this season. 

Long black cardigans are a staple that is often worn casually and in between layers but don't be afraid to mix it up a little. Try draping that cardigan over your shoulders like a cape, it can change a whole outfit and you'll be able to find a whole new use for your favourite cardis! 

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