Polaroid update

Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy 2 years and 7 months babe.
We made a gingerbread house last week to practice before Christmas day, can't wait till Friday!
have a safe and happy Christmas all!

You crazy bafoon!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Anise cropped top, Bardot Piper frill jacket, Bardot Pretty Punk Tank
Extended trading hours commenced this week as well as our $30 sale on dresses and a whole lot of pizzazz in the sales rack so drop by Bardot and join the hussle and bussle! Gosh, I've turned into a retail spruikazilla!
And when it's busy it means more work outfits which probably will make do for any hauls from now on.. buying clothes from the store means doubling them as work outfits and now I find myself passing shops that I'd normally enter (urgh, such a sacrifice!). I haven't had the urge to buy things but I find myself having to for the sake of work, which sounds like a pleasure but sometimes - it's a pain ($$$)!
Cinderbox jacket ($89.95), Holey Moley tank (SALE! $19.95)
Piper Frill jacket ($89.95) , Pretty Punk tank ($59.95)
Night Owl Jacquard (SALE! $29.95), Monaco Panel Skirt ($69.95)

I've also picked up a few more cubes for things that found no place on the chrome stand.

Housekeeping time! Not much to do but I have some time to spare for answers :)
Annie: Hehe, you have an uber cute smile. Have you had braces before? :)
Why hello fellow Annie! No I've never had braces before but I think I might need them in the near future :( my front teeth on the bottom row are being pushed inwards by the sneaky little wisdom teeth that will soon be peering from the tiny space left on my gums. Gah, dreading their arrival!

Anonymous: Hey Annie, woudl you be able to tell me what is the brand of your friend's camera? I love the quality of the photos!
I love her camera too! Hopefully next year I can cash in my next few paycheques for a new snapper! Her camera is a Samsung st500

Anonymous: hey annie is that black top from bardot a one top or like a singlet and something else? how much was it, since u work there eheh :) do u get good discounts??
Hello Anonymous :) the black Pretty Punk top is actually one top, the singlet inside was mine so I'm sorry for the misleading picture! I've reposted pictures of it with all the prices and yes I do get a discount on the clothes (but not as much as the full-timers, if only!)

Anonymous: Hey annieo, just wondering if you can help me out! LOL I just wanted to know what your getting your boyfriend for christmas, i'm absolutely clueless of what to get my boyfriend, his 18
Funny thing is I was just about to post up a question asking for xmas pressie ideas for the boyf! I had a plan to save up for things he really wanted and used, like part of his home entertainment system. But he's bought his own and it's better than what I could've given him - so that idea has gone down the gutter! He has said he wants a few things from IKEA, even though he thinks I won't be able to afford the things he wants I'm willing to cash in my next few paycheques and if anything get him a belated pressie - one that he'll make use of! Last year I got him a DVD player, the three seasons of Family Guy he didn't have and a Mossimo belt. Other pressies I've given him has just been things like Lacoste shoes, belts, jackets, shirts, Nintendo DS - guy presents are so difficult! This year I'm clueless :(

Telephone - Lady Gaga ft Beyonce

Thursday, December 3, 2009

My parents are leaving to the coast this weekend then overseas on the 28th so, with the duty-free opportunity, my mother surprised me one night with an early Christmas gift!

She had been meaning to wait until Christmas but thought it was better if I could make some use of it now before their overseas trip since she'll be taking it along with her to claim back the GST at the airport. She surprised me with a Speedy and revealed that she also treated herself to a Fendi Chef Boston hehehe, nothing says x-mas like a self-pressie! Thankyou mother dearest, I promise to take good care of the house + pets! (If gifting me with a bag was a bribe for extra good behaviour ... it sure as hell worked hahaha)

My vanity (as you've probably seen) is a complete clutter. So I've been raiding the storage and kitchenware store sections for cake displays and pantry organisers which finally came down to this:

Still cluttered but there's finally a clearing on the table-top!

I found a 3-shelf pantry organizer (Target), plastic utensils container (Target) which I placed on the top shelf of the pantry organizer for MAC compacts and an X-Cube organizer (Officeworks) for lippies and mascaras.

A little cake display (Target) for cuffs, rings and bobbypins and things that have no place on the jewellery stand.

A 4-shelf and 4-drawer cabinent (Target) for bottled things and I just sort of shoved my boots on a store-display stand my dad grabbed from a pharmacy from work. I also thought I'd show you the Paul's boutique bracelet I got for myself purely because it had Paul's name on it - my friends think I'm psychotic! hahahaha

I've been bugging Paul to come with me to IKEA, just thinking about the storage shelves they'd have makes me feel all tingly inside! But we haven't had time to do so and whether or not he can come with I should head there soon for a gingerbread house kit - most exciting buy of the season! ... and usually the buy I can never grab in time :(

This week the store owner will be coming in and out of work which means best behaviour and sporting latest stock.

So, Saturday shift - Bardot Pretty Punk tank & Boulevard Bomber Jacket in Peach.

Posting work outfits - fun or annoying?
Didn't list lame as an option because you'd all pick it! hahaha.