Black Blossom Dress

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

 photo blackmaxidress_zps0a745a08.jpg  photo blackmaxisplitdress_zps2370fc43.jpg  photo IMG_8490_zps704edfc1.jpg  photo blackblossomdress2_zps0e427aad.jpg  photo huntervalleygardens_zpsb6af0c0e.jpg  photo blackblossommaxidress_zps1b984148.jpg  photo blackblossomdress_zps32d5edbc.jpg
Dress by Blossom // Photos by Tito-licious

It was so hard to flick the tail of this dress and look elegant so I guess we'll have to make-do with:
  1. A picture of me awkwardly holding up the tail of my dress without dropping it for the photo and 
  2. A picture of me finally dropping the the tail of the dress...with my eyes closed... and a man in the backdrop LOL
Needless to say, I still managed to squeeze in a fun afternoon before the hayfever kicked in and I had a wonderful weekend with cheese platters and wine tasting in Hunter Valley.

Vintage Barrels and Jumpsuits

Thursday, September 19, 2013

 photo jumpsuit-2_zpsb8df2aac.jpg photo i-jumpsuit_zps45f43c67.jpg photo IMG_8275_zps867351c9.jpg photo jump1_zpsae027192.jpg photo jumpsuit_zps6f40a5f0.jpg
Jumpsuit by Paper Closet, Her Fashion Box Wrist Wrap, Sheike Belt // Photos by Tito-licious

If you know me well then you'd know that to see me in pants is a VERY rare sighting. I'm almost always in a dress or skirt because, like every girl, I'm quite body conscious and I don't feel that pants suit my body shape. However, as the weather got warmer and as I started hovering over the playsuit section, I started picking up some jumpsuits along the way and they really grew on me. I was also pleasantly surprised to find a jumpsuit that was just right for my height!

Unfortunately we didn't have a lot of sunlight left for the day during this photo set but hopefully this will suffice for now. Have a great weekend everybody :)

Morange and Sunny Days

Sunday, September 15, 2013

 photo IMG_7843a_zps06887ed7.jpg  photo IMG_7975a_zps09aa3ed4.jpg  photo IMG_7862_zps538173fe.jpg  photo IMG_7839_zpsd1706a9e.jpg  photo IMG_8066_zps5facc7a3.jpg  photo IMG_8126_zps72693cc9.jpg  photo IMG_8150_zps2d6694f1.jpg
Outfit by Candy & Lace, Givenchy, Lovisa ft. MAC's Morange Lipstick  // Photos by Tito-licious

Spring is here and I'm on the hunt for more colours, prints, stripes and short suit sets! I haven't exactly found my short suit set yet but I couldn't pass the retro printed skorts and took them out for a whirl today with some orange stripes and a new camera lens.

I'm still adjusting to taking photos outside. Bloggers don't usually talk about it but yes it does get awkward when strangers pass by and wonder why you're taking photos by yourself..... but it felt so good to get some Vitamin D and I can't wait to see the flowers in full bloom soon!

My Choies choice & Fiji!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

 photo grey-asymmetrical-skirt_zps3509c975.jpg  photo anniepop-layered-skirt_zps2ea97b8a.jpg  photo dionlee-skirt_zps5434adcf.jpg  photo asymmetric-skirt_zpsb8663fcf.jpg
Skirt by Choies, Top is actually a dress by Bianca Gomez

Thank you to Choies for this amazing Dion Lee inspired asymmetrical layered skirt. If you are intending on purchasing this skirt, it is perfectly structured and requires no ironing at all but it does fit a bit snug due to the thickness of the layers. I'm usually a size 8 and for this skirt I'm a size M and I'm in love with it. To purchase your own click here.

My apologies for the recent absence! I've been soaking up some sun in Fiji and slowly getting back into the swing of things now (although my mind is kind of still operating on Fiji-time). It was my second time to Fiji but my first time with a large group and I had an amazing experience! On this trip I:

  • Tried Fiji's National Drink called kava and felt my tongue become numb
  • Watched a polynesian dance show and fire show 
  • Ate too much every morning at the breakfast buffet
  • Spent quality time just having laying by the pool or beach, sipping on cocktails, drinking from coconuts and making most of each night with a great bunch of friends
  • Witnessed two beautiful friends get married on a beach in Fiji. It was so romantic and I cried like an absolute baby! Congratulations and much love to Josh and Irene, the officially wedded couple!
  • Sunbake on the roof of a boat with friends and unlimited champagne
  • Lie in a hammock without a worry in the world
  • Went snorkelling and met a random Fijian man that took me to a spot in the water where I could feed some fish, who knew they liked bread!
  • Get over my fear of starfish by holding a blue starfish in my hands. Although this was involuntary, I don't regret it at all!
  • Got really weird looking tan lines which you can see on my back in these photos

And without further ado, here are some snaps from Fiji

 photo IMG_7074_zpsfada1626.jpg photo IMG_7651_zps7e337feb.jpg photo IMG_7626_zpsa1a8092f.jpg photo IMG_7488_zps37825125.jpg  photo IMG_7520_zps61476b45.jpg photo IMG_7528_zpsbd25f4e6.jpg  photo IMG_7417_zpse6d1cd40.jpg  photo IMG_7446_zps78649ed3.jpg  photo IMG_7493c_zpsd4b18fe6.jpg photo IMG_7495_zpsb5d056f4.jpg  photo IMG_7692_zps2a82c820.jpg