Tuesday, April 20, 2010

With the influx of assessments and no time for regular updates, I caved.
I've also entered some q's from this post there w/answers, have a great long weekend all!
(ASOS sweater, Topshop boots, Sportsgirl necklaces)

It's funny how I'm at my wit's end in work yet I'll still take time out of my day for a quick post....some food.. or even a jamboree; anything to avoid stringing together some futile sentences for this essay.

Anonymous: annie how come youre doing business at UTS when you should be doing something with fashion/makeup? it seems to be your passion and you would do great at it. its such a wasteeee
I definitely take pleasure in learning about fashion and makeup but they're merely for leisure pursuit. Having the ability to pursue a career in either industry would be like a dream but the people that find success in fashion/makeup are exceedingly good at what they do, I don't think I possess enough creativity or potential to excel in those areas. Besides that, I never enjoyed Science or Math subjects but Economics and English were my stronger points so choosing Business just made sense I guess.

Anonymous: hey can i ask where you got your OPI and china glaze nail polishes from? and how much were they? thanks!
They are from the Pro nail store in Bankstown, OPI polishes are $10 and China Glaze polishes are $5!

Anonymous: Where were your sigma brushes from and how much? :)
They were $69US for the complete kit without the brush roll, the complete kit with the brush roll is $89US and I purchased them here

Anonymous: Is the ST550 camera the one with 2 screens. How/what did you say to haggle the camera?
Yes it is, the ST500 also has the 2 screens. In regards to the haggling, if you're planning to purchase from JB they're fairly lenient so don't hesitate to ask for a better price!

Anonymous: How much were the tickets to Fiji, how did you afford them?!
I'm not sure how much the airfares were, the tickets were a surprise! My parents came home from their holiday in Asia and were meant to leave the following week to go to Fiji without my brother and I but since we didn't get to enjoy their Asia trip with them they surprised us and so I spontaneously packed for a trip to Fiji!

Anonymous: let us know what the new bardot uniform looks like! do you get it for free? if so then lucky!!
For our Bardot uniform we have to wear a jacket similar to this one, a dusty pink top which I've yet to see and we have the option of choosing between the high waisted Iris jeans or Marley skinny jeans, we do get the uniform for free but I'm not looking forward to squeezing into jeans every work morning =\

Anonymous: hey annie! i just wanted to ask where you got the second dress on the top row from? the one with the mesh three-quarter sleeves? by the way, good luck with your new uniform haha :)
Hey there! The dress is from a stall in paddy's market but I wouldn't have a clue as to where exactly the stall is located :( I usually roam randomly around the markets after uni on my Thursday afternoons

S + Y: Ohmygod. And I thought I had a lot of nail polish!!!!!!! Annie, how many nail polishes do you have exactly??
I have 46 polishes to date, fml.

Anonymous: hi there, what does your mum work as?! you mentioned something about her getting clothes in from Bracewell :o and btw if you don't mind me asking, how do you manage to live by yourself and afford everything by just working at bardot so i've heard..?
She's a dressmaker for Mr.K which sells dresses at stores like Harts, she also sells dresses for labels under Adella Clothing and we occassionally get other random labels in, we only have two bracewell dresses in at the moment so as much as I wish we did, we don't carry a whole stock of Bracewell :( and I don't live by myself! I live at home with my family, I don't think I have a stable enough income to manage alone just yet!

Anonymous: hey annie! ur such an inspiration to me. i'd like to know what u aspire to be and what ur atar/uai was? (if thats not too personal) thank you :)
That's sweet of you to say but I don't really think I should be much of an inspiration for anybody, still to this date I don't know what I'd aspire to be. I guess out of convenience, I'd like to complete my degree and work in the HR department of a decent firm but as far as aspirations go, I haven't got a clue.

Anonymous: best bright pink lipstick???
I'd say my favourite bright pink lippie that I own is MAC's Snob. I'll be sure to post some piccies of it next post (:

Anonymous: where did you get your jewellery from in the top left corner picture in your pic?
From Dangerfield, Sportsgirl and Diva

Anonymous: If all your jewellery & makeup is on that table, where do you actually do your makeup?
Right next to my vanity my entire wall is made up of the mirrored doors of my wardrove. I usually do my makeup standing right up against the wall which is just a step away from my vanity. The lighting in my room is fairly dim most times so I'd have to be as close to my reflection as possible, that and because, I obviously love myself too much. hahaha.

Anonymous: I lovee your dresses. where do you recommend are the best places to buy formalish/cocktail dresses for formals?
Hmmm I would usually say stores like Seduce, Abyss, Shieke, DJ's, Myer but when it's formal season those places are everybody else's first pick. For my year 10 formal I just borrowed a dress from Mr.K, for my year 12 formal I bought a dress from Shieke but ended up making my own dress because at the time I couldn't find a dress with side cut-outs around the waist (now they seem to be everywhere!) so I'd say get creative, flip through a lot of magazines, look up dresses online, find the right fabric and come up with your own dress. In the mean time shop around for a back-up dress incase you change your mind!

Anonymous: What do you think of the pink matte polish; really bright or a wearable colour. Do you have any photos in it with an outfit?
The pink matte polish is ridiculously bright but that's why I love it. I think your nails can be as bold and bright as you want them to be and you'd still look sane with them, of course some colours are better for certain occasions but the matte polishes are wearable for a casual day out, right now I have on Jade is the new black, once I take the Pazitively Hot out for a spin I'll be sure to snap some photos!

Anonymous: hi annie i think i saw you in the city some time last week (think it was a thurs) and you stand out so much. you are GLOWING your skin is absolutely flawless even in person ><>
Hi Anonymous! Yes I'm in the city every Thursday for uni but I may have just been glowing from sweat, this passing week has been the week of my exams so I have no idea as to how I could look half decent on an exam day! I was just wearing my Revlon Colorstay foundation and I set it with my MAC MSF Natural. Yes I do get pimples! In fact my skin has been so temperamental these past couple of weeks I've had trouble controlling the random spots that appear on my face - I blame it on the coffee and lack of excercise.

the greatest irony of love

Friday, April 16, 2010


"The greatest irony of love is loving the right person at the wrong time, having the wrong person when the time is right and finding out you love someone right after they walk out of your life. For some, they think that letting go is one way of expressing how much they love that person. In my opinion, some are afraid to see the one they love being held by someone else. Most relationships tend to fail not because of the absence of love. Love is always present. It's just that one was being loved too much, and the other was being loved too little.

As we all know that the heart is the center of the body but it beats on the left. Maybe that's the reason why the heart is not always right. Most often, we fall in love with the person we think we love, but to only discover that for them we are just past times. While the one who truly loves us remains either your friend or a stranger.

So here's a piece of advice: Let go when you're hurting too much. Give up when love isn't enough, and move on when things are not like before... For sure, there is someone out there who will love you even more."


Anonymous: any new buyss???
In terms of clothes, not really but in terms of nailpolish and other nit bits - yes! Haha. I've been trying to ration a portion of my pay into my untouchable account per fornight so to date I haven't had much time or money to shop around (or even shop online!) but recent things I've delved in include:

1. OPI's Matte Collection
The matte collection is amazing, unlike any nail varnish I've ever seen! It's almost as if I've coloured in my nails with texta and I love how ridiculously matte the finish is. I can not wait to get my hands all over OPI's new Suede Collection either, I'll be beaming when I do! (Note: I got tired after repainting my nails so I stopped after the third matte colour :P)

L-R: You Don't Know Jacquez!, La-Pazitively Hot, Russian Navy, Gargantuan Green Grape, Lincoln Park after Dark


I've also got a few other OPI's and two China glazes I've yet to post!

Jade is the new black from OPI's Hong Kong Collection. A good dupe for Chanel's Jade!

My Private Jet, Midnight blue glitter

Absolutely Alice from OPI's Alice in Wonderland Collection (which I forgot to do a swatch for, pity because it's amazing!) and Ruby Pumps from China Glaze's Wizard of Oz Collection
Lubu Heels by China Glaze


Besides my recent craves for polish (I blame Wendy for much of that), other buys have included:
The Complete Kit from Sigma!

And finally some clothes!

Minkpink, Bardot

Supre, Bardot (I obviously need to learn to iron my clothes hahaha)

Bardot, Valleygirl

Bardot, Bardot

And some other nitbits. Rings from Diva, Equip and Dangerfield, Necklace from Sportsgirl, Bib Necklaces from Bardot and Dotti, Plastic Cuffs from Cotton on.

Anonymous:i also wanted to ask you how your neck piercing is going? do you still have it and have there been any complications? ive been thinking about getting one for a while now but i dont know if i have the guts to LMAO
Yes I still have the piercings, I haven't experienced any complications but the piercings do get troublesome at times especially with all my hair! This is why I usually try and have my hair up to the side or part my hair away from the piercings. I would always forget at first but it's sort of become second nature now, on the days I don't feel like having them there I cover them with spot bandaids. If you are planning to get them, I don't think it's the pain you should worry about, it's whether or not you'd have the time and patience to look after it and if you do, then go for it!

Anonymous: annie, where did u get your black bracelet cuff and jewellery you're wearing in the photos at the top of the post!?
The cuff and jewellery from my last post are all from Diva, the cuff was from a while back though!

J: i like how your hair fades into light brown at the tips its really pretty did you dye it like that or is it just natural?
It's sweet that you do J but I don't think it suits me :( The only reason it's brown at the tips is because a while ago I wanted my hair to be a light colour and in order for it to get that way I had to strip my current colour out, I've dyed it back to black plenty of times after this but what remains of my once stripped hair always turns to brown.

Anonymous: Hi annie i want to get into your course at uni but the cut off is so high i dont think i could get a good enough ATAR and im worrrriedddd. what subjects did you do in highschool?
From what I remember, in highschool I did: Economics, Biology, English adv, Maths adv, Maths ext 1, Religion and Senior Science.

Anonymous: annieo have you learnt how to access formspring on tumblr yet? bcos theres been drama on certain people's tumblrs concerning you and people copying your side hairstyle thing and im sure you'd like to have a say in all of this...
No I haven't, I was capped after my last post and have been motionless since!..well till now of course. Which is a good thing I suppose, I only just finished my last round of exams this passing Thursday so I've been up to my neck in things. I think I'm already struggling to keep this blog alive I'm getting chills at the thought of teaching myself the ways of tumblr and formspring! Hahaha and in relation to this drama about hair.. really guys, really? I thought we were past all of this! I've made posts regarding it before and its kind of sad that I'd have to mention it again - I appreciate that these comments may be some obscure form of support but they should be saved for something more sufficient, not for a measly hair-do! It's just hair, you can't plaigarize hair. It will turn grey, it will fall out one day, make most of it while it's still here ;)

Anonymous: hi where did u get ur jewellery cabinet from? it's really pretty - the mirrored one
You can buy it at the store right next to Storage Warehouse in Rhodes shopping centre!

Anonymous: do you know any eye liner thats really good. esp for the top eye lids. Loreal Lineur Intense Liquid Eyeliner! Cheap, long lasting, easy applicator, doesn't flake and small enough for the purse (:

Anonymous: your comment on viviennes page was very sweet of you annie =]
Please enlighten me on this comment!!! I haven't even had the time to blog hop let alone leave comments along the way, by the sounds of things it seems like "I" left a pleasant gesture on vivienne's page though. Which is an odd thing for someone to do, leave a nice comment under another person's name... I'll take the blame for it if it was really that sweet Hahaha! Vivienne if you're reading this, it wasn't me but it can be me if you want it to be. LOL.

Annie: Hi Annie! You're so gorgeous! :) It looks like you had a fantastic time in Fiji! I'm just wondering whether you'd know where I'd be able to buy some grey/black coloured booties for (hopefully) under $80-$100?
Hey there Annie! Besides the cheap local chain stores like Freelance shoes or Marco Gianni, your best bet would be cheap online stores! Forever21 has super cheap alternatives and you'd probably find a decent pair or two on Ebay. I only just got uncapped today so I haven't had much of a chance to search around myself :( Peeptoe shoes did have there first ever online warehouse sale too!

Anonymous: hey annie whats your facebook profile picture? 'Annie Nguyen' added me and her main picture is a picture of you but nobody has written on her wall and she only 17 friends... looks suss LOL and also im in need of a new wallet (i have an ugly old urban originals wallet) what wallet do you have atm? if its affordable.. lol thanks a bunch annie
This is my current facebook profile picture but last time I checked I'm sure I had more than 17 friends, that or the world has chosen to disown me this week! Right now I'm using my Mimco Half Moon Pocket wallet in black which I like but the hardware is getting scratched from the friction of clutter in my bag :(

Anonymous: hi annie where did u get those clear stands that u put ur lipsticks and things in? thanks :)))))))
Hey there! You'll find it at Storage warehouse in Rhodes, my pantry organizer will also be there! Hahaha

Anonymous: Hi annieeee!!! i just wanted to ask if you knew any good places that sell cheap dresses especially like party/clubbing dresses? if you could please post up pictures of your faves it would be the BEST
And just for you, this entry I picked out some of my cheapest dresses! Most of them are from market city or stores like Candy&Lace, Dollygirl and IT - the cheaper alternatives for a weekend quick fix. My mum has also been getting in some Bracewell clothes to sell recently though which has been a delight to look at in between Amelia and I's study breaks hahahaha!

Anonymous: love the post. ur blog is always a great read :) but you haven't posted any of your bardot work outfits recently?
I have quite a bit of news for everybody! We're no longer going to be wearing Bardot clothes to work, we now have assigned uniforms! I haven't had a look at them myself but we were all required to report our sizes in tops, jackets and jeans to order it in. I'm anxious.

Anonymous: where are youuuu? you used to update heaps :(
I've been capped but I will try and get back into rythm as of now!

Anonymous: Hello Annie. I was looking back through your old posts and I was wondering what was the specific camera used for the Stereosonic pictures? The camera that you claimed to be your friend's 'Winnie'? The image quality is tops! Please get back to me asap when you can because I'm in need of a new camera. :)
I loved the image quality from the photos too so I went out and got one myself so luckily I can be of quite assistance for this question! Hahaha. The camera is a Samsung ST500 and most places will now stock the newer version which is the ST550 but there's a fair price difference between the two and not that much difference in functions. Winnie got hers at JB Hi Fi but when I went there I was told they didn't stock it anymore. I found it for pre-order at The Good Guys but I started doing research, liked a different camera, bought it from JB Hi Fi, didn't like it, returned it and refused store credit from JB then all of a sudden JB was able to order the ST500 in for me from a different store! I haggled the price down to $340 I think it was, including 4GB memory card and warranty!

So happy I could die. ....very photoheavy!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


I'm usually never disconcerted about the idea of being home but right now, I wish my long weekend getaway never ended. This passing month has been like no other; life has changed, things have shaped up and I find myself in high spirits. I'm happy, so incredibly happy.
Which is probably beyond everybody's concern haha. What's been of concern lately though is the holding capacity of the vanity desktop. My assembly of things seems so nonsensical but I'm all out of ideas, I simply do not have enough space in this room! No room in the room!


Anonymous: You're sooo cute! :D I need some help picking out MAC cosmetics :( I'm after a dewy kind of effect and I dont like the feel of too much foundation on me but I go red very easily when i drink alcohol so I need something that can counteract that. The last time I went to a Mac counter, I got Select Tint SPF 15 in NC40 which i think is pretty light and i did like it, but it didnt cover enough.. :( Sorry for the long post! HAHA
Hi there fellow NC40-er! This may or may not be relevant to you but taking Zantac 30mins prior to drinking will help reduce redness and may save you from playing trial and error at the MAC counter! I haven't tried many MAC foundations myself, I find that my skin is pretty sensitive with MAC foundations and most formulas cause me to break out but if you're unsure of what to get you can request to have a sample of all different things to bring home. Some things I would reccomend though may be the Chanel Pro Lumiere foundation. It feels so light on your skin, the coverage is buildable and when I use it I tend to not need concealer.

There's also the cream-to-powder option - the Chanel Teint Innocence Naturally Luminous Compact. Even though the foundation itself is described as 'sheer coverage' the formula is a bit more creamy with a bit more coverage, the coverage is also buildable without being too heavy on your skin. It's also in a little compact handy for touch ups when you're out and about :D Both these foundations however, may be great for a dewy finish and good for normal/dry skin but combination/oily skin may need a blot here and there throughout the day.

For a more cost efficient option there's good ol' Revlon Colorstay foundation. Although it may seem thick you'd only need to buff the tiniest amount of foundation to cover any imperfections - but the finish is much more matte than it is dewy. It's quite a good, inexpensive, full coverage option though!

Anonymous: anniee, what shops do you go into at parra? and whats your suggestion on buying bardot clothes? like what clothes do you think looks good at your store???
Shops I go into at parra? Oh boy. On my lunch breaks I wander just about anywhere! Sportsgirl, Myer, DJ's, Forever New, Witchery, Seduce, Abyss, Kookai, Valleygirl, even GP despite the mild awkwardness Hahaha, my dire need to shop conquers all tension! I still stand by my last Bardot picks from a couple entries back as what I think looks good at the store, we have quite a lot of new arrivals that are yet to be updated online that tickle my fancy, once they're up I'll find a home for them in an entry or two.

Vivian: Hi Annie, I was wondering where you bought your shoes (especially the wedge booties) from?
All my wedged booties have been from either Top Shop, Urban outfitters or Shoesone, I haven't even gotten around to wearing most of them :(

Anonymous: hey annie bardot has these suede knee high boots that are suuuuuperrrrr comfy. i wantttt!!!! how much discount do you get off them?
Those suede boots are pretty nifty aren't they! Since the suede is fairly thin they're also convertible into suede ankle booties! Bardot staff recieve 50% off our footwear.

Anonymous: annie you're so beautifulllll P.S you never told us about your trip to fiji!! how was it? did you take heaps of photos? my friends and i were thinking of going there during midsem break so if you could please do a post about it soon =)Anonymous: hi again annie!!!! i posted a question about fiji last time. hope you get around to answering soon =) i also just wanted to ask you which airline you flew on, how was food, service etc
And now to finally make a long postponed insert about my trip to Fiji! Fiji was breathtakingly beautiful. Waking up from an afternoon nap along the beach or by the pool felt like waking up in a postcard. Fiji would have been great as a romantic getaway (which explains why it was flooded with couples and newlyweds) but as for travelling with family - after all the snorkelling, kayaking and other fun things were done and dusted my brother and I really didn't have that much to do. You can only have so much of the ocean and pool before your fingertips begin to prune and so much relaxation before you miss the fun and laughter of .. people other than your sibling LOL I would definitely travel there again though, maybe with different company haha but for the most part I loved Fiji!
The main pool of our hotel
Hammocks by the pool!
Giant brother and I
In our dorky snorkelling gear
The uncontrollable hammock that I kept falling out of
We travelled there first class V-Australia so the food, service and everything else was exceptional but since it was a smaller airline there were no first class lounges for V-Australia at the airport. I managed to take some photos while we were flying hehehe

Entree during The Proposal hehe
easily amused asian girl + reclining chair = enough inflight entertainment
..dessert and a photo in the ladies restrooms :P
I also just got this I've yet to review. I assure you the make-up ban is still in play, NARS Angel Heart Liquid Liner was just an exception!