Too many photos and a DIY

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Updated with some questions I've missed!

An old shirt, machine-washable acrylic paint, scissors, paper, tape, pencil, paintbrush plus 5 minutes of your day and you've got yourself the simplest little DIY.


I also whipped out my scissors and some chalk to shred an old pair of black jeans. Surprisingly enough I'm becoming quite the pants girl - which makes me wonder - what's happening to the world?

Things to do: Fix the car, get my fulls, post up items for blogshop, buy that desk and nailpolish post up next.

Questions, Questions!

Anonymous: i was just wondering, seeing you friend works at model co would she know whether the Model Co Turbo Lash Wand actually works? or even better have you tried it :)?
I haven't tried the Model Co Turbo Lash Wand but my Model Co friend Wendy suggests that you're better off not grabbing the Turbo Lash Wand and invest in the Shu Uemura heated curler instead which surprisingly isn't all that pricey!

And from these piccies you would've noticed the dissapearing of my faux bangs, those clip-ins can be found at market city for a measley $15 and they've proven to be lots of fun! Hehehe

Anonymous: where did you get your black and white striped mini dress from? ITS SOO CUTE :D

I'm sorry I missed your question before! The dress is actually navy and white, it was on sale for $15 at supre! :P

Anonymous: in one of your previous posts, you wore a pair of shoesone shoes. just wanted to know how you found your way around the korean website and how the shipping and fees were.
I actually don't reccommend ordering from the site unless you have a friend that could help you find your way around it. We ordered together and although the things were quite cheap, shipping fees were quite high, our parcel took a long time to arrive and was left at the door on arrival - exposed to the dangers of the world!

Anonymous: how much is the shu uemura lash curler?
I think it's around $30-$40 or so but I haven't actually checked.

Anonymous: where did you get the braclet from? where you drew the chanel symbol on the shirt
They were from Equip, I bought them a long while ago though. They're actually all scratched up close!

Anonymous: Aww Annie you look amazing! You should seriously do a post about your diet and provide some tips as to how you stay so thin! xx
I appreciate that you thought of me as thin, I really do! Because as decieving as these photos may be, I'm actually quite a meaty girl. I can hardly pull my old skinnies past my kankles and I definitely do not remember the last time I could comfortable slip into size 6 clothing. My golden years have left me to soon! But I guess I really only have myself to blame - I'm not afraid to wolf down fast food and can't seem to fit an excercise regime into my week. Laziness has defeated me.

Anonymous: annie you're so beautifulllll P.S you never told us about your trip to fiji!! how was it? did you take heaps of photos? my friends and i were thinking of going there during midsem break so if you could please do a post about it soon =) Ooh! Midsem breaks are nearing, I should post about Fiji soon - it completely slipped my mind!

Anonymous: hey annie sorry if this sounds a bit stalkerish :P but when u went to future music festival a couple of weeks back u wore over the knee high socks & ive been searching for affordable ones do u have any suggestions? sorry if it sounds like a dumb question
Those thigh high socks were my saviour! They left me with clean legs after a long day of galavanting around the dirt :D They were super cheap, about $6 or so from Paddy's Market.

Anonymous: hey annie. just wondering if they still have the bardot no.9 singlet in the parra store?
Yes we still do!

And to those who have commented with their tumblr, I've been meaning to reply but I can't figure out my way around tumblr for the life of me! Do I... type it in formspring? Mm. This is embarressing LOL.

I've also come to the realization of my over usage of the word 'actually'

Upside down pineapple cake

Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's been too long. Life has turned upside down during this past month of hiatus, but, big blue "New Post" button - we will no longer be estranged! I won't stand for it! It'll be a quick post today but I'll be sure to make posts a regular thing, again.

Life in a nutshell: Uni, stocktake at work, sometimes I forget to breathe.

Since my last banter my teenage years have also left me :( but on the upside I have some birthday goodies to share, without this I can't think of much else that would be blog-worthy besides the withdrawal symptoms from this make-up ban!
Fiona and Amy obviously agree that I need to do more for my hygiene, but thats what friends are for hahaha. Thankyou for helping me conquer my long covet list of LUSH :) I've yet to use them all so I can't say much apart from how they all smell amazing.

My search for 'My Private Jet' is over and it's even found a new friend in 'Mad as a Hatter' from OPI's Alice in Wonderland collection, part of my birthday present from my ModelCo friend (who should really be working at OPI) Wendy. It's possibly the most beautiful OPI to ever exist, thankyou!

Okay maybe I fibbed a little. To pass up the Azalea Blossom and Ripe Peach blush ombres at MAC would be the most heinous act! Laura's haul posts weren't helping either, hauls can be so toxic. I still consider myself on a ban though, I've been doing well. I think ultimately though, no rehab could fix me!

Questions, Questions!

Anonymous: Hey annie just wondering if you can help me out. From your recent post, i heard you bought the st550 samsung camera (the one with the two LCD screens). I have one myself although when I upload the photos onto my laptop, my photos dont turn out as VIBRANT as it looks on the camera. Do you have any idea how to change the settings for this? Thankyou so much!
I'm not sure if I'm much help because I'm still fiddling around with the settings myself but you can adjust the colour of the photos when its on camera mode. There should be a little arrow at the bottom of the screen & when you press it a little menu pops up. Click on the fifth button from the left on the menu, click on RGB and you can customize your own RGB, hopefully that helps a lil'!

Anonymous: Hi Annie, how much do you need to spend at Bardot to get the vip card?
You spend $200 or more for the VIP card then you recieve 10% off everything from your first purchase (that includes sale items!) and 10% off all full priced items everytime after that.

Anonymous: hey annie, where do you buy your jewellery stand?
I bought it from fairfield markets, but it's been a couple of years since then. I'm actually considering selling mine.

Speaking of selling, I currently have a little somethin' in the works, hopefully it will be up and running soon!