Monday, January 27, 2014

 photo 000-anniepop-choies-dress-her-fashion-box_zpsc7b27d1c.jpg  photo 0000-anniepop-choies_zps897fca5e.jpg  photo 002-her-fashion-box-choies-anniepop_zps4b307448.jpg  photo 003-her-fashion-box-choies_zps682bd06e.jpg Outfit by Choies, Clutch by Her Fashion Box, Bracelet by Juicy Couture, Shoes by Forever 21, YSL Mirrored Compact, Chanel Lipstick, MAC Lipsticks // Photos by Tito-licious

Its been a long time since a nail post and thanks to the lovely Her Fashion Box team I'm able to share with you my experience with the Edge Nail Tattoo transfers by Fingrs from the Her Fashion Box January 2014 issue. To use these nail transfers:

  1. Apply 2 coats of your base colour (any nail polish colour will do, you don't have to use the one that is provided in the kit) and wait for it to completely dry 
  2. Remove the nail transfer cover layer and soak the sheet in water 
  3. Place the nail transfer sheet on your nail for about 5 seconds (make sure to be very precise where you stick the sheet before allowing it to contact your nails otherwise it can't be adjusted without a re-do)
  4. Apply top coat and allow to dry

Nail Art by: Fringrs Edge Nail  Tattoos from Her Fashion Box January Issue
 photo IMG_1061_zpsdd96318f.jpg photo nailpolish_zpseebb2f3e.jpg

Unfortunately due to a rigorous cleaning and babysitting routine this weekend, after 2 days the pattern on my nails were beginning to wear and tear so I recommend using your favourite pick of top coat if you're planning to get handsy with the chores to maintain your nail prints for longer.

Besides that, these nail transfers were incredibly quick and easy to use and they are no where near as messy as most DIY nail art ideas. The kit also has everything you need, just add water!
 photo BROUGHTTOYOUBY_zps5f14272f.jpg

Back in Action!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

...aaaand I'm back! With some awkward tan lines from the Bahamas and shopping blisters from Vegas and Florida, charming, I know. For the first half of my trip I spent most of my time wrapped up in a coat then skipping straight to the swimmers once we hopped on the Royal Princess and cruised around the Bahamas. So as you can imagine, it feels great to be back home in perfect Australian weather with a beautiful chiffon dress in the mail courtesy of the lovely people from Chicnova.

The reason why I love chiffon is because no matter how you wear it, it will drape over you beautifully and comfortably. The Asymmetric Dress currently on Chicnova has been featured in this photoset with a twisted neckline (which you can change depending on how you would like your neckline) and large metal belt for added shape.

   photo CHICNOVA_logo__-03_zps86a8adbf.jpg photo shoeenvylogo_zps47cb18cd.jpg

And instead of trying to summarise my trip in one blog post, they say a picture speaks a thousand words so here's an essay - from moi to vous:
 photo anniepop-shopping_zps7221e5ef.jpg photo 004_zpsf3837f6e.jpg photo 024a_zps66e64e7b.jpg photo 005_zps3f955290.png photo 062a_zps1cc53bef.jpg photo 073_zps6b47c208.jpg photo DSCN0276_zpsf634d132.jpg