How to: Flawless Skin in Photos video

Monday, October 15, 2012

After years of using a PC, I’ve finally converted to Mac and I’m the proud new mum of the new MacBook Pro 15” retina display! To celebrate it, I decided to take full advantage of my new found laptop functionalities and I’ve created a YouTube video to show you how I get my skin photo-ready.

I pretty much reveal 2 of my skin secrets:

The first is how I keep my skin clear of pimples and that’s all thanks to my amazing Clearasil PerfectaWash which is only $19.99 RRP in store. You’ll see in my video how the PerfectaWash automatically dispenses just the amount you need to use it daily (morning and night!) to keep your face clean, clear of pimples and not completely dry it out like many other face washes do. It also smells great too, wish you could get that from the video! Haha

My other secret is that I use two different types of foundation to get photo-ready skin. If you’d like to find out what they are, make sure you watch the video below :)

This video was sponsored by Nuffnang.However, all content and opinions are my own.


  1. Love it.

    But wow your voice is so much different than i expected.

  2. I definitely want the Perfecta Wash now! Darn it!!! :P

    Please keep making more videos!

  3. For a first time youtuber, it already sounds like you are pro at it :P Definitely do FASHION HAULS as well :)

  4. Awesome video, it was fun to watch! Can't wait til you make more videos!! :)

  5. you did a great job on ze video :D hehehe


  6. hey annie, great video! which brushes do you use for each step? xo

  7. :O
    You're so pretty and your skin is flawless!!!!