Tuesday, April 20, 2010

With the influx of assessments and no time for regular updates, I caved.
I've also entered some q's from this post there w/answers, have a great long weekend all!
(ASOS sweater, Topshop boots, Sportsgirl necklaces)

It's funny how I'm at my wit's end in work yet I'll still take time out of my day for a quick post....some food.. or even a jamboree; anything to avoid stringing together some futile sentences for this essay.

Anonymous: annie how come youre doing business at UTS when you should be doing something with fashion/makeup? it seems to be your passion and you would do great at it. its such a wasteeee
I definitely take pleasure in learning about fashion and makeup but they're merely for leisure pursuit. Having the ability to pursue a career in either industry would be like a dream but the people that find success in fashion/makeup are exceedingly good at what they do, I don't think I possess enough creativity or potential to excel in those areas. Besides that, I never enjoyed Science or Math subjects but Economics and English were my stronger points so choosing Business just made sense I guess.

Anonymous: hey can i ask where you got your OPI and china glaze nail polishes from? and how much were they? thanks!
They are from the Pro nail store in Bankstown, OPI polishes are $10 and China Glaze polishes are $5!

Anonymous: Where were your sigma brushes from and how much? :)
They were $69US for the complete kit without the brush roll, the complete kit with the brush roll is $89US and I purchased them here

Anonymous: Is the ST550 camera the one with 2 screens. How/what did you say to haggle the camera?
Yes it is, the ST500 also has the 2 screens. In regards to the haggling, if you're planning to purchase from JB they're fairly lenient so don't hesitate to ask for a better price!

Anonymous: How much were the tickets to Fiji, how did you afford them?!
I'm not sure how much the airfares were, the tickets were a surprise! My parents came home from their holiday in Asia and were meant to leave the following week to go to Fiji without my brother and I but since we didn't get to enjoy their Asia trip with them they surprised us and so I spontaneously packed for a trip to Fiji!

Anonymous: let us know what the new bardot uniform looks like! do you get it for free? if so then lucky!!
For our Bardot uniform we have to wear a jacket similar to this one, a dusty pink top which I've yet to see and we have the option of choosing between the high waisted Iris jeans or Marley skinny jeans, we do get the uniform for free but I'm not looking forward to squeezing into jeans every work morning =\

Anonymous: hey annie! i just wanted to ask where you got the second dress on the top row from? the one with the mesh three-quarter sleeves? by the way, good luck with your new uniform haha :)
Hey there! The dress is from a stall in paddy's market but I wouldn't have a clue as to where exactly the stall is located :( I usually roam randomly around the markets after uni on my Thursday afternoons

S + Y: Ohmygod. And I thought I had a lot of nail polish!!!!!!! Annie, how many nail polishes do you have exactly??
I have 46 polishes to date, fml.

Anonymous: hi there, what does your mum work as?! you mentioned something about her getting clothes in from Bracewell :o and btw if you don't mind me asking, how do you manage to live by yourself and afford everything by just working at bardot so i've heard..?
She's a dressmaker for Mr.K which sells dresses at stores like Harts, she also sells dresses for labels under Adella Clothing and we occassionally get other random labels in, we only have two bracewell dresses in at the moment so as much as I wish we did, we don't carry a whole stock of Bracewell :( and I don't live by myself! I live at home with my family, I don't think I have a stable enough income to manage alone just yet!

Anonymous: hey annie! ur such an inspiration to me. i'd like to know what u aspire to be and what ur atar/uai was? (if thats not too personal) thank you :)
That's sweet of you to say but I don't really think I should be much of an inspiration for anybody, still to this date I don't know what I'd aspire to be. I guess out of convenience, I'd like to complete my degree and work in the HR department of a decent firm but as far as aspirations go, I haven't got a clue.

Anonymous: best bright pink lipstick???
I'd say my favourite bright pink lippie that I own is MAC's Snob. I'll be sure to post some piccies of it next post (:

Anonymous: where did you get your jewellery from in the top left corner picture in your pic?
From Dangerfield, Sportsgirl and Diva

Anonymous: If all your jewellery & makeup is on that table, where do you actually do your makeup?
Right next to my vanity my entire wall is made up of the mirrored doors of my wardrove. I usually do my makeup standing right up against the wall which is just a step away from my vanity. The lighting in my room is fairly dim most times so I'd have to be as close to my reflection as possible, that and because, I obviously love myself too much. hahaha.

Anonymous: I lovee your dresses. where do you recommend are the best places to buy formalish/cocktail dresses for formals?
Hmmm I would usually say stores like Seduce, Abyss, Shieke, DJ's, Myer but when it's formal season those places are everybody else's first pick. For my year 10 formal I just borrowed a dress from Mr.K, for my year 12 formal I bought a dress from Shieke but ended up making my own dress because at the time I couldn't find a dress with side cut-outs around the waist (now they seem to be everywhere!) so I'd say get creative, flip through a lot of magazines, look up dresses online, find the right fabric and come up with your own dress. In the mean time shop around for a back-up dress incase you change your mind!

Anonymous: What do you think of the pink matte polish; really bright or a wearable colour. Do you have any photos in it with an outfit?
The pink matte polish is ridiculously bright but that's why I love it. I think your nails can be as bold and bright as you want them to be and you'd still look sane with them, of course some colours are better for certain occasions but the matte polishes are wearable for a casual day out, right now I have on Jade is the new black, once I take the Pazitively Hot out for a spin I'll be sure to snap some photos!

Anonymous: hi annie i think i saw you in the city some time last week (think it was a thurs) and you stand out so much. you are GLOWING your skin is absolutely flawless even in person ><>
Hi Anonymous! Yes I'm in the city every Thursday for uni but I may have just been glowing from sweat, this passing week has been the week of my exams so I have no idea as to how I could look half decent on an exam day! I was just wearing my Revlon Colorstay foundation and I set it with my MAC MSF Natural. Yes I do get pimples! In fact my skin has been so temperamental these past couple of weeks I've had trouble controlling the random spots that appear on my face - I blame it on the coffee and lack of excercise.


  1. where did you get your topshop boots from?

  2. How much was the Asos sweater for with shipping?

  3. aww annieo you look gorgeous!
    i LOVE your outfit but i would so not have the balls to wear that out in public hahaha.
    anyways, just a quick question regarding eyeliner:
    which would you say you prefer, Mac's fluidline or Stila's smudgepot? & also, what brush do you use to apply gel eyeliner?
    thanks sweetie!

  4. hey annie! i just wanted to know is studying business in uni hard work? lol. and would u say it's enjoyable? i'm planning to choose to do business if i get into uni... but i'm clueless ^__^ xox

  5. sorry if this is random but do you get centrelink?

  6. which one hurt more your belly piercing or your nape piercing?

  7. what do you think of relationship statuses on facebook? were you annoyed that wen you and paul broke up you took it off your page while he went around and made a public announcement that he was single? im sorry to bring back old memories i know its been a while since u guys broke up so hopefully ur okay with answering the question if ur not then thats ok i understand

  8. I'm sorry but your comment was a bit inappropriate and I don't know why you would be curious about how Annie felt about her ex-boyfriend's reaction to their break up. Nobody wants to talk about a break up even if it was ages ago. If Annie wanted to publicly speak about it then she would. What's important is that she's happy now and we should be happy for her because she deserves it. You were way out of his league girl. You deserve so much better.

  9. your outfits are always so amazingg<33 I love them all! :)

  10. that sweater reminds me of alexander wang's sweater! it's so pretty!!

    remember to enter my giveaway for amazing prizes!

  11. Awww hunnie <3. You're as lovely as ever!

    Everytime I come to your blog, there's always 1 or 2 comments usually made by Anons that are too afraid to leave names asking ridiculously personal, probey questions with no consideration of whether it's appropriate or not.

    Love, you're really just too sweet and noble about it all. Hope you can look beyond all of that shitbox drama and just remember some of us love you for who you are <3 <3.

  12. how do you make every outfit look GORGEOUS?! you're so pretty :)


  13. heys annie, if its possible, could you snap up some pics with the samsung st500? i want to see for myself whats all the fuss ive been hearing about the image quality lol!

  14. i love your asos jumper! where did you get it? are there any stockists in sydney? also do you have a photo of your formal dress? :D

  15. hey annie ^_^ um what do you think of western sydney? LOL i think im going uni ther so yeah

  16. hey where did you buy your white sweater Asos from? :)

  17. sorry, i'm just asking about the mesh 3/4 sleeve dress in your last post. when abouts did you get it? and how much was the price? sorry for asking so many questions! i think it's amazing how you manage to answer all these questions with your schedule, thanks so much :)

  18. Hi Annie!
    I guess I never told ya that I love your neck piercing! Is great, one of my favourite. Maybe I'll think about making something the same in few years!

  19. i think with the amount of questions you get now its a really good idea if you make a formspring annie. i love your blog but these questions take up so much space in each of your entries you hardly write about anything else anymore :(

  20. I love your hair, how do you care for it? I can never grow my hair that long, I always end up cutting it after a few months.

    xo, Diana

    P.S. Love your blog

  21. Aww love, no need to feel guilty, look at you skinny thing! Like I said before, I need to exercise because I'm a lump of lard. I love it too and it helps but if I didn't, I'd be size 2 billion fo sho.

    I do pole dancing at my gym V Club. We also do 8 week courses at $250-80 for non-members. The courses are beginner, Int, Int II and I think there's Int III before Advanced. It's pretty standard pricing and what most pole studios will charge you. I heard Bobbi's is good though.

    HAHAH I read your first comment and I was like "ohh.. oh right.. not sure how to respond to that" HAHA.

  22. Hey Love! I really commend you answering all those questions you get! It seems like you get a ton of questions.
    And you look gorgeous in your pictures as always :) I love the cream coloured sweater

  23. That is such a great sweater.

    Love Grace.

  24. Great pics and AWESOME sweater! will follow you! :)

  25. Hi
    in your previous post where u are modelling clothes, where did u get the black dress on the top left from? it looks similar to sass & bide dagger tee =]

  26. So gorgeous. i love your blog. you're so beautiful. i will follow you .yay :D

    Love greets T

  27. Hi Annie, sorry but I couldn't find your e-mail adress anywhere on your blog.
    I'm going to make my fav. blogs post and yours is one of my fav. so I thought if I could use like 2 or 3 photos of you with a link to your blog and write why I love your blog so much?


  28. Beautiful pictures, you look great!

  29. Ahh looks so stunning!
    love that knit.

  30. Wow i just found your blog, so glad i did because you have an amazing style! love it, now following <3

  31. i love all the photos xoxox

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