Friday, May 7, 2010

ANNIEPOPSHOP is finally up and running!

If you have any questions feel free to ask here


Anonymous: hey annieo just wondering if you know whether bardot can help direct me as to where i can get replacement studs for my cinderbox jacket? =/ and can you suggest a good type of glue that will actually make the studs stick on for longer? :(
I'm not sure if Lincraft or Spotlight have any similar replacement studs but I think you're best off getting a hot glue gun to glue them back to the garment. It sucks to hear that the studs are coming off the cinderbox jacket! :(

Anonymous: Hey Annie, you should really stop putting exclaimation marks after your sentences LOL it sounds like you're yelling at us =( ...=(
LOL! Even through writing I can't seem to keep my voice down hahahaha, I'm sorry! I know I do it out of habit but the exclamation marks are usually an expression of excitement and not anger so I hope I haven't scared anybody away!


  1. That's a great idea to open up a shop on the side! You have great taste in clothes so I'm sure you'll have no problem with people wanting your clothes :)
    Haha - that's a funny question to ask (#2). I use a lot of exclamation marks too so I know what you mean. I'm always happy so that's how I express myself with the exclamation marks ;)
    Have a lovely weekend Hun

  2. GREAT SHOP! if I only could I'd buy something but sending this to Europe will cost so much!

  3. awwww the things that I want are all on hold annnnieee :( please notify your blog readers when there are new items and when things are no longer on hold cos im a very keen buyer :P

  4. cute blog!
    I opened a new fashion blog too, I hope u'll be one of my followers:-)

  5. haha I also use lot of exclamation marks just to express excitement! :)


  6. i just started following you, i love your blog!
    and i put exclaimation marks after every sentence aswell! haha

    have a great weekend =)

  7. New follower! I really like how you answer people's questions in your blog. Great idea! (follow back please)

  8. your blog is great i love it!!

    xoxo, Paula

  9. I really love the picture. It's very artsy and beautiful.

  10. love your blog

  11. love your blog!
    hope you like mine!

  12. Your Blog is so great! I have to follow you!