leopard fever!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I hate my picture quality so much right now.
My camera actually broke so I'm on the lookout for a new digicam, if you have any suggestions please let me know!

So a couple of weeks back Nina and I were spectators at the auditions for Australia's Next Top Model and Charlotte Dawson's jacket brought out the leopard in me! The girls that audtioned were stunning each with a never-ending pair of pins, ahh - how wonderful it would be to be tall, beautiful and fabulous!

L-R: Charlotte Dawson, Alex Perry, Sarah Murdoch, Jas Daly

With that aside, it's housekeeping day! This looks like one bender of a clean up, so to make things a smidge easier I'll reply on blogs for those who have posted a link, as for the remainder of q's- here it goes!

Anonymous: Hi Annie ! Just wondering what is the most expensive item of clothing in your closet?
My most expensive item of clothing has got to be my Ginger & Smart O-Dako Silk dress for $585 (if you'd like a piccie I'll tuck it somewhere in the next post for you!). It was actually a gift from my mother.

Anonymous: Hello Annie =) which sites do you go on to shop online and which online stores have you ordered from. i love online shopping but i dont know how safe it is and im scared =/ oh and have fun in fiji!!!
safe sites that I know/ordered from include: Urban Outfitters, Top Shop, Forever 21, ASOS, American Apparel, Shopbop, Karmaloop, Net-a-porter, MyCatwalk, Maximillia, Stylestalker, Freez, Designerstirredwithvintage, Revolveclothing, Chickdowntown and Missselfridge there's also ebay of course but I've had a few glitches with ebay sellers before. To be safe only buy from trusted sellers with high ratings and good reviews!

Anonymous: IM OBSSESSED WITH LUSH!!!!!! but its pretty expensive, do you think its wise to buy LUSH products online?
Personally I wouldn't buy things online but if you don't have access to a store and you're willing to risk not liking the product then the LUSH website is definitely a safe place to shop but you won't be able to smell and touch your products before buying and if you live in a hot area there's the risk of the product melting before it gets to your door!

Anonymous: in your entry where you had those polaroid pictures what was the name of those shoes that you wanted? they're hot!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony Shoes! My dream shoes!

Anonymous: can you do an entry about what are your favourite or must have drugstore products? i LOVE your blog but most of your makeup things (i.e NARS, MAC) is so expensive :(
My makeup collection is still brewing so I don't have that many drugstore products to discuss but I can't live without my Revlon Colorstay Foundation and my Loreal Lineur Intense Liner!

Anonymous: wanted to ask you where you get all your NYX stuff from? because you seem to have eyeshadows and lipsticks too. the other bloggers only know where to buy lipsticks!
The NYX store is near Liverpool Plaza next to where Video Ezy used to be, I'm sorry for such cruddy directions but I hope you're able to find your way there!

Anonymous: a while ago when you did a haul and you bout all those booties and stuff, would you be able to repost about them and maybe take pics of what they look like on? i'm really lemming for them atm!!!!
I have exciting news Anonymous! (Well exciting for me anyway hehe) I actually recieved my shoes today! So I'll include those in the piccies too :)

Suede Wedge Booties from Shopbop

Wedge sneakers from Shoesone

Ava lace up boots from Top Shop

Dolce Vita Cutout wedges from Urban Outfitters (which are actually on sale at the moment for super cheap!)

Anonymous: Hi annie, this is totally un-shoe related, but since u have already made ur decison :) i was thinking maybe you should only show a few posts per page like 2-3 maybe? Because everytime i come on ur site (which is alot) it looads alllll of the pics from previous posts which can be really hurtfull to our bandwith lol :(
Awww I read this comment when I was in fiji and I felt so bad hahaha so after reading it I signed in and changed my layout to only a couple of entries per page (there's still a tonne of pictures to load though - eek!)

Anonymous: How did u buy things from urbanoutfitters btw? thanks !!
After I placed my order I actually got sent an email asking for a number they could use to get in contact with the cardholder so I had to email them the country code + area code + phone number for them to be able to get in contact with from America. There are a few downsides to ordering from UO: I love their Jewellery stands but they're not able to ship them to Australia, shipping charges were quite heavy, quite a bit of wait for delivery but every time I had to get in contact with them by email their responses were almost immediate :)

P: hey annie :) its valentines day coming up soon do you know what youre getting for your bf? and what did you want your bf to get you? my bf is taking me shopping but i have NOOOO idea on what i want!!!!
If I didn't know any better, judging from the choice of letter for your name and the question I would think this question was posted by Paul himself LOL I actually already got Paul an extra early Valentines day present, I'll post up a picture next entry!

Anonymous: hey annie are you just a christmas casual or a permanent casual at bardot? do you get discounts?
I'm a permanent casual at Bardot my anonymous friend! And yes I do recieve discounts :)

Cherri: ANNIEO!!! On your old blog AGESSSS ago someone asked you to do an entry about Autumn/Winter trends what influenced your picks? how did you know what was going to be 'in' for the season and COULD YOU DO ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE ENTRIES REAL SOON!! PRETTY PLEASE XP
Sorry Cherri I had to cut down your comment a bit but I've left the questions :) Since I enjoyed the last I'll probably do another and as for knowing what was going to be 'in' - there is never a knowing what other people were going to like. There were things I was intrigued by and you may have liked the same things I did for the season but others probably didn't, I'm not here to be a trendsetter - I'm here to tell you I'm fond of many different things!

^_^: does it bother you when girls that read your blog copy you? ive loss count of how many bloggers i know that read your blog are now into the things ure into like makeup, fashion, studding, booties/wedges and even doing your signature hair to the side hairstyle. do u notice it at all or is this the first time u've heard of it?
Makeup and fashion are two categories of just about every girl's common interests. Fashion trends change with the season and people are more than likely going to wound up lusting over similar things. Everyone has their own rights to what they want and what they're influenced by, to discourage people from how they express themselves would just be ridiculous! As for my 'signature hairstyle' I can't even claim it my own, my mother originally sported a much more polished version of the do for a formal event and I've stuck with it for years but I've merely just been a loyal fan!

Anonymous: Hey annie you work at bardot, how come you dont wear any bardot jeans? or jeans at all?
I've mentioned this on my old blog before, I try to avoid jeans. I just don't have the right shape for them and lately I've been straying from shorts too :( a sign that I haven't excercised enough these holidays!



  1. Love ur look!!!! and ur shoe collection is fabulous!!!



  2. I love the laceup boots ^^

    your blog is so interesting (:

  3. is that a real alexander wang coco duffle?
    if not, where is it from?

  4. Oh...loving the shoe pic overload missy. the leopard is soooo chic paired with black :)

  5. hiya, is your a wang real?

  6. HAWT much?!
    Fuck girl I love your style!

  7. Hey Annie! please make a formspring account:( I know you've mentioned before you were unsure of what it is, so check this girls formspring out(: It would give you a clearer understanding. http://www.formspring.me/vkongvongsa

  8. i loveeeeeeeeeeee the shoes, you pulled them off wonderfully annie :)

  9. OOOoOOooh you already got your bf a valentines day pressie? do you know what he's getting you?

  10. hi annie,
    i have a party on friday with the theme black and white and ive been searching for a necklace that would stand out do you have any suggestions?

    thanks in advance

  11. annie what foundation do you normally use? your face is flawless in EVERYYYY picture

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  13. I love Bardot! How lucky of you to work there!!!

    Love the first pics of you, I thought it was like an add campaign for something! youre stunning x

  14. Hey there hun! :) I have nominated you for an award on my blog :) when you have the time go check it out :)) and hope you like it


  15. Wow.
    Such a stunning outfit. I love the Rock -Chic ness,
    and those shoes are rad. JEALOUS
    Love it,
    Panda xx

  16. I love first shoes and even things that I wouldn't buy or even look at in shop on you look amazing! And your hair, lovely!

  17. now that you have answered all our questions we have nothing left to ask LMAO you look great (:

  18. Awww thanks love for your latest comment <3.

    Hottest outfit girl! I'm also feeling a bout of beastiality hr hr hr hr <- that sounds gross. I find that everything animal now tickles my fancy! Leopards, cheetahs, zebras, cats, dogs.. omg..

    I love & hate Jeffrey Campbell :(. He is threatening to burn a(nother) hole in my pocket with his sensaaiish wedges!

    Also love the new layout <3 <3!

  19. Leopard is a great choice!

    A, love your blog,shoes and make up everywhere,just haven :)


  20. What are you talking about?!! You have a great figure! I think you'd pull off jeans well ;)
    Actually, I hardly wear jeans myself because I don't think they flatter me at all :( I really wish they would since I've been eying shredded jeans for awhile now *sigh*
    I love black suede boots - the wedges you have look awesome. And you look fab in your black and leopard print outfit - oh how I envy your tan as well LOL

  21. thanks for mentioning stylestalker! we love you blog x

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