Never mind the groceries

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

- Bardot Pout Promotion! Spend $150 or more and get a free Bardot Pout lipgloss of your choice (Vanilla Bean, Strawberry and Melon). Offer avaliable from 1st-28th of Feb
- We will also soon be getting in winter stock and releasing new washes of jeans. The washes will be vintage based so acid washed/bleached and also neutral (super exciting!)
- In about 3 weeks from now will be the grand opening of Bardot Junior in Parramatta Westfields - the first Bardot Junior store to open in NSW for both boys & girls. They're also in need of staff so apply online now!
& also, I haven't been able to comments from my last entry recently because it tends to be glitchy for me but I do remember somebody asking about a necklace they needed for a black & white themed party (this weekend I think?), would I be able to know what outfit you were planning to wear? Only if it's okay by you and fingers crossed I'm not too late! [/EDIT]

Things to save up for.
Not really anything beauty or fashion related this time around. I've just got some pretty beat up furniture to replace and a camera that has lost it's will to live so here goes my shopping list. I also realized I never blogged about my trip to Fiji, its been a while since I've filed a post under 'Life'. I'll do another update about beautiful Fiji soon :)

1. Olympus u-7020: He's maybe not the best looking camera but he's got some impressive specs! 12MP, 7.1x Optical Zoom, 3in LCD and a Panoramic/Wide angle lens
2. IKEA - Expedit Desk Combination: Time to replace my run down baby pink desk from way back when.
3. Nail polish rack and new jewelry stands: I need a home for my pile of polish and it's about time to clear out some of the old rusted jewellery!
4. Acne Atacoma Lace up metal wedge ankle boot: And last but not least - it never hurts to treat yourself to a goodlooking pair of wedges right? Oohhh, ever so famous Acne wedges, the things I would do for you....I guess they can wait though :P


  1. If I were 5 years older I would buy those wedges faster than you can say 'ACNE'.

  2. Love these things and those shoes look killer!

  3. Love those acne wedges, but I'd probably opt for the jeffrey campbell 99's for noww :( love the blog.

  4. Oh I could totally use a better camera LOL. Yah, I always want a really really slim camera so I got my casio ex-xilm which are really nice and sleek but they don't focus well up close nor is the lens really good :\ I think next time I'll opt for an uglier model but better performing one ;) Let us know how the Olympus one goes!

  5. oo, looks like they have nice storage !!

  6. haha ive been eyeing the same pair of acne wedges for a while. i REALLY wish they werent so expensive :(

    xx lue

  7. omg stylestalker commented on your blog?!

  8. Hey my dear annie!! i havent dropped by in ages and im sorry!! I love your wedges in last post!! I really want acne wedges!! just too out my price range.. sigh!! xo

  9. Ohhh noes about Myth :(! I'm happy that Honey works for you though! I tried to make it work again and again and I've given up =333.

    Hey One Teaspoon made a pair too! I know GP in Pitt St still have some of the S&B's left, don't know what size though. They run quite big and I had to go 1-2 sizes down so you might need to hunt a bit for your small frame!

    I LOVE LOVE LOOOOVEE the Atacoma wedges but don't know if I should buy them now or wait until I go to ACNE in Japan :(! I hate making decisions!!

  10. annie are you still gonna sell some stuff on ebay? ive waiting quite a while :(

  11. annie do you have a lookbook account?

  12. heyss =) what is that ring in ur last post? is it a ring even? LOLS looks purtttyyy =)

  13. love the desk combo! + the acne wedges. sigh, girls' wishlists seem to be neverending haha :P