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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Whenever I do one of these posts, seems like the tumbleweed keeps rolling by and nothing else hahaha. Life posts. Yes or No?

These past few weeks have been a horror. For the brief moment when it felt like do or die - I had myself convinced it was die. But it's all a bit too complicated for an explanation and I'm here now, turbo-charged and ready! Well actually.. I spent my first night of freedom in bed with my laptop and a long catch up session with megavideo.

Also! About General Pants, I actually got into a bit of a tiff with GP over shifts, sales and whatnot. Working there was a bit of a headache.. especially at this height I had to climb the ladders to reach just about everything haha but I haven't moved far, I'll be starting work at Bardot the week after the next. This time with a proper roster.

Three of my best friends are leaving on holidays soon :( I'm pretty down about not going overseas this summer but I guess I'll have the opportunity to do so in the future. I'll make those life long memories later in life, hopefully with my special someone!

Alright, time for a life update and sweeping! There will be a major haul bomb next post. I'm trying to save it all for when my Urbanoutfitters order arrives!

But moving on...
1. Mum's birthday. My brother and I (on the right) gave my mummy a little GUESS bag for her special day, happy birthday mother! My brother is also going into year 12 soon, yikes!


2. Kim & Peter's wedding. I've grown up with Kim and now she's tied the knot with her special man, she made such a beautiful bride. Congrats Kim and Peter!
3. Kenneth's birthday. A very delayed post haha

And now for the sweeping!

Anonymous:Which website did you buy the Minkpink Sleepwalker tank from? I've been looking for it everywhere in grey - but could only find stock in black :(
From ebay! I don't remember the price I got it for but I guarantee you'll grab one for cheap (and *fingers crossed* in grey)!

Anonymous: how tall are you!? you look real tall in your photos!
Oh how misleading these photos must be! Haha. I stand around the 1m 50-something mark. Not tall at all!

Anonymous: Hey Annie!! Just a quick question, what do you use to remove your eye makeup? I find most products dry out my lids and leave them stinging =(
I use Lancome's Bi-Facil Eye make-up remover. Its non-oily and for sensitive eyes and hopefully it'll also agree with your sensitive-sounding eyes! For late night laziness Johnson's make-up wipes works wonders :)

Anonymous: hey hey just wondering where you got your earring stand from? it looks exactly like the one in an asian store in market city, only they dont really sell it but the earrings hanging on it haha. been looking for one but no luck :(
Hahaha I first saw them at market city too, quite embarressing because I kept going around to different stalls asking if they sell their earring stands and I finally found them at Fairfield markets, hoorah for the markets! haha

thilyy.: Where did you get the china glaze from? :O My mum had to bring them back from me from the states! I think the ones without shimmer work better than the ones with shimmer!
There were a few queries about the whereabouts of the China Glaze polishes stockist so I'll answer it here! There are some Nail Supply stores near where I live, a couple of them down the Hume Highway around Carramar and they all stock China Glaze. I've visited about 2-3 and the prices have ranged from $4-6. You can also purchase them here they also stock OPI and ORLY but voguettes have said shipping may take some time and all prices are in USD, not too sure on the p&h costs. China Glaze is definitely worth the wait though!

Hil: Hi, love the products I was just wondering where you ordered the stila smudgepot trios??
Ok places to buy Stila - BeautyBay, Fresh, FragranceX, YesStyle, Myshopping, Dstore.

Anonymous: Is the Mac fluidline or Stila smudgepot better and where can you buy/order China Glaze/Stila? What breed is your dog btw!
I definitely would pick the Stila smudgepots over Mac's fluidlines. They both apply on smoothly, don't flake or clump but I still find the fluidline still runs a little under the waterline whereas the smudgepots stay put - although they do dry out quickly so application has to be fast. Both are great liners though! Oh and my dog is a pomeranian! hehehe

Anonymous: For Mac NC30 skin, is Nars Laguna or Casino more appropriate?
Laguna! I'm NC40 and some days I find the Casino a smidgen darker then I'd like so I'd be standing there sweeping up the remainder of the Laguna to use hahaha. If I wasn't so low on the $$ I'd grab myself a back-up! :(

Anonymous: how much and where is the ring from?
The 'ring' from my last haul entry was actually a cuff from Sportsgirl! Looking back I can see why a lot of people confused it for a ring haha

Anonymous: hey annieo how did you do your nails? did you use your china glaze nailpolishes? how is the staying power, have they chipped at all? i did research after hearing about china glaze from your blog and all the reviews have been FANTASTIC. i cant believe i didnt know about this brand beforehand!!!
I put two coats China Glaze's 'Great Barrier Beige' as my base, did random spots of 'V' on my nails then did the black leopard print lining around the circles with my LA Colours Art Deco Polish in black :)

Annie: Just a quick question! You probably don't use this seeing as you don't have any eye bags/dark circles, but have you heard anything about the Garnier caffeine roll on stick, or the Garnier regenerating eye cream? Thanks!
No I haven't :( and it's definitely not because I don't have any eye bags or dark circles! I don't think I've had a proper night's sleep in so long, my under-eye is a tragedy in itself! My friends and I have talked about it though, I'll give it a try next time I pass it!

j: Could you please do a favourite products post or video? Pretty please?
I'm guessing I'd do a post, I've been too much of a mess for a video.. my overgrown brows and ghastly face.. enough to give the world a fright.

Anonymous: annieeee ! where do you purchase all your NYX products ?
Cherryculture! They actually my favourite lippies on sale so I did a bit of a hauling haha, will post it up next update!

XOVINTAGELOVE: Hey Annie, how do you like the Stila smudgepots? I'm interested in the Bronze one but it is a metallic kind of bronze? or just a flat colour? Thanks :)
Oh vintagelove I love them! And the Bronze is metallic!

❤ »Twee.: Hi gorgeous! I love your haul video :) Can you do a review on the chanel Pro lumier foundation? I really wanna try out a new liquid foundation! ^_^
Yes I will attempt to! After I get groomed hahahaha!

Anonymous: just wondering where you took these photos at?
The photos were at Chipping Norton lakeside!

Anonymous: With the chanel foundation, does the spf create a white cast/does it reflect light in flash photography? :)
Foundations with zinc oxide or titanium oxide do give you a bit of a white cast in photos and unfortunately the chanel foundation does contain titanium dioxide so I wouldn't say its the best for flash photography but it's great as a day foundation!

viviannn: I was just wondering where you bought your black bag from (in the video) it's absolutely gorgeous! I heard you say from Bardot, I didn't know Bardot sold bags? hope you holla back!
Yes m'dear it was from Bardot! They stocked it in Liverpool and Parramatta and hopefully they're still around!

Anonymous: hey what subjects did you do in high school and what uai and course are you doing atm?
Well I firstly have to say - I was not a brainy kid! nor do I think I am (or think I ever will be.. hahaha) but the subjects I did in highschool were Economics, Senior Science, Studies of Religion, Biology, Maths ext.1 and English advanced. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned my uai in the past, it's nothing spectacular and to be honest I don't remember the exact number, it was around 87 or so, but I'm studying a Bachelor of Business at UTS. The cut-off for the course was about 91 or 92 and I was one of the lucky ones that were able to score an extra 5 for a band 5 or 6 in English. So yes, please no hater comments for being a failure of a student :(

Anonymous: hey annie would you be able to create a look using the gilt by association mineralize eyeshadow that you got in your mac style black haul? i cant seem to find a use for mine =(
Wow, I've just realized I haven't even got around to using it myself! hahaha I will attempt to whip up something with my gilt by association!


  1. annie how did u order things from urbanoutfitters!???!?! please let us know! cant wait for ur haul vid. thankss :)

  2. Great post & blog! Thanks for following! i will be returning! You are sooo pretty! =)

  3. Wow.. Looking gorgeous in the pix ;)
    & LOL at the people dancing in the background of the wedding photo! HAHAHA.

    Anyways, i can totally relate.. these past uni exams have been so stressful and i have the bad skin to prove it lol! It's such a relief now that they're over. Luckily for you, you have a job to occupy you these holidays. I guess i'm just going to be baking at the beach all summer.. unless you know of any places that are hiring? HAHAHA.

    p.s. thanks for taking the time to answer everyone's questions (including mine) and i apologise for the essay ROFL

  4. Wauw I love your blue and black dress !!
    You look amazing on the photos again !

  5. welcome back to the exam free world (L)

  6. yey new post! Love your blue dress it's so sexy and electrique. Such beautiful people in the pictures, very nice. Your makeup perfect as always.

    xoxo zola

  7. Hey annie would you be able to show us good sites for online shopping? thankyou in advance =) you're gorgeous btw!!

  8. hey annie,

    omg your so pretty! just wondering if you use the Stila smudgepot on your bottom lash line? and if you do, does it work well or is it made just for the top? thanks in advance! :):)

    loveee your blog btw!

  9. Hi love! You're looking gorgeous as usual!

    The US release date for Warm & Cozy is boxing day. There's also another collection coming out on the same day called Love Lace which also sounds EXTREMELY drool worthy. I think the international release date is not until Feb though :(.


    Haul post haul post!

  10. how do you get these jobs so easily!!!!

  11. wow look stunning in that blue dress!!!

  12. beautiful pics!
    and you look gorgeous! You're really pretty! :)