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Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm still alive - but barely!

Today will just be a quick update on life, I've hardly had time to manage my hygiene let alone my blog so I'm announcing my hiatus from now (like I usually do around this time of year) but I'll be returning in about a week or so with bells and whistles on! I cannot wait until these exams are over, some days the stress is so immense I feel like I will implode.

Money-wise, it's been a rollercoaster. The boyf came by some roulette luck last week and we shopped up a storm and now, completely against my own will, my wallet (along with about $500 cash) and I have departed.

I had other things to say but thinking about my lost wallet made my heart so sore. When I return I'll tidy this place up with some housekeeping and other nit bits.

I'll be in work next Friday so if you're doing some shopping in Parrmatta, pop by General Pants for a visit! :)

Take care all and may your week be far better than mine!


  1. so is it true? that ur bf won $26,000? its been the talk of the town lol

  2. Wow! You sound busy-Cant wait to see more fashion posts, I hate exams too xxxx Camilla


  3. GOSH thats alot of money!!!!!!

  4. OMG whyyy didn't your bf let you go? It's suuuch good money! And I definitely would have bought something from you for sure :)!

    NARS blushes are suuuuch good quality. Gogogo buy them all lololo!

    Aww hun didn't know you worked at GP in Parra! Can't come say hi on Fri but let us know if you're working any weekends and I'll pop in and help you make your target ;).

  5. how long have you and your boyfriend been together now? hope you find your wallet again annie!!

  6. I hope you find your wallet again or that your bf gives you 500$ and a new wallet, haha!
    Can't wait for next update! Take care, sunshine!

  7. great blog keep up the good work :)
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  8. Oh I hope your wallet turns up for you. I'm sorry to hear about that :(
    Good luck with your exams girl!

  9. i really want to work at GP!!!!!
    was it hard to get a job there? how did you get an interview and what did they ask in your interview?

  10. Goodluck with your exams babe!
    Look forward to when you're back. xOx

  11. haul or outfit post when you return pretty pleeeeeaseeee =) hehehehe goodluck with all your exams annie, you can do it!!

  12. goodluck with everything annie and hope you find your wallet again! its good to see you post about your life again like how you used too. i love your fashion and your makeup posts but also miss when you talked about your day or your weekend :) hope you're well xox

  13. hey annie would you be able to create a look using the gilt by association mineralize eyeshadow that you got in your mac style black haul? i cant seem to find a use for mine =(

  14. oh you work at GP in parra now?
    i'm always there!
    might see you around but i'll be too scared to say hi! haha!
    i'm gonna work at cotton on body. we should swap our discounts =P

  15. aww....sometimes you need to treat yourself once in a while. good luck on your exams and all. I am sure you'll be fine :-)

  16. holey moley
    i go shopping at parra gp a lot :)
    what time do you work, ill come drop by when school holidays come!

  17. good luck with your exams!! looking forward to more posts when u have more time :)
    magpie-girl.blogspot.com xx

  18. have an awesome week girl! looks like u have a busy one ahead of u :)



  19. hye...blog walking...nice blog

  20. Thanks for the blessing but may all our weeks be wonderful