Autumn Favourites

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Ola! It's been a while since I last dropped by the blogosphere so to get the ball rollin' again, I thought it would only be fitting to round up my favourites for the Autumn season dawning upon us (down under!) 

1. Cape Dresses and chokers
Autumn is that awkward in-between season when you can't really guess which way the weather will sway. If you're in need of a little black dress without the need to lug around a jacket or shawl in case the cold front hits - it's cape time! A cape perfectly hugs the shoulders to keep you warm yet fashionably chic. 

To add a bit more warmth and edge to your outfit, try finding a fabric that matches your dress colour to create your own fabric choker. There's no need to spend extra $$ on the current season's choker dress (which I'm sure many of you have seen!), I've simply repurposed an old waist tie to transform my Tobi - In Too Deep dress from classic to now. 

 photo IMG_1983a_zpsfqeoomos.jpg
Wearing: Tobi - In Too Deep Dress, TOD's Double T Bag
2. Crossbody Bags
Summer is totes the season for large totes but fall is the perfect time to whip out the crossbody bags. My favourite this season is the TOD's Double T Bag in suede - a great fabric contrast to the usual poly and cotton that will start to pop up as the seasons change. 

TOD's Double T Bag is inspired from the seventies with a removable strap to double as a clutch (a simple trick to take your bag from day to night with your outfit!) 
 photo IMG_1989z_zpsbjgxoehl.jpg
TOD's Double T Bag
3. Lace Ups and Bell Sleeves 
Now, I was going to do separate posts for lace up dresses/tops and bell sleeves until I found the two in one from Tobi's Lace Up High Shift Dress. Need I say more?
 photo IMG_2016a_zpsqcluaull.jpg

4. If you must tote! 
For the days when you need a bit extra bag room, the Celine Luggage Tote is my baby this season. It's structured and work friendly but dressy enough for date night.

If you would like to see this baby in person before purchasing, I would definitely recommend popping by the Cosette store located at the rocks, right near the Museum of Contemporary Arts. They have a beautiful collection of brand new designer bags from past and present seasons and are my new go-to for designer goods. 
 photo Celine Luggage2 copy_zpsksft5nna.jpg
Celine Luggage Tote Bag from Cosette 

 photo TOds_zpsoymrbbse.png

 photo YTD_logo_zpskutkw3dw.png


  1. gorgeous looks!
    love the dresses and your bags

  2. pretty shots..


  3. I need that cape dress - so cute with the DIY choker! Great idea!



  4. You really have the perfect fashion sense. Love your outfit!

  5. Cool, chic and elegant, love it!!



  6. Black dress is awesome. designer salwar kameez india
    I love black color. You are looking like a black beauty !!


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