So good, they're gone!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

 photo anniepop-hfb-1_zps6563fcfd.jpg  photo anniepop-hfb-lioness_zps1e2bf7c7.jpg
Lioness Fashion outfit by Her Fashion Box  // Photos by Tito-licious 

The moment has finally arrived! My favourite Australian based beauty and fashion subscription boxes has released their fashion collection online - CLICK HERE TO SHOP

Since Her Fashion Box released their E-Commerce concept, there's been a fashion frenzy and outfits are flying out the door. I was lucky enough to grab one of my favourite sets before they were gone so if you're contemplating on whether or not you should be sheltering yourself from the Sydney weather to indulge in some "me time" I would recommend you use that time wisely by exploring the now available Her Fashion Box range ;)

Until next time!

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  1. Nice:) xx


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