What's in Her Fashion Box for July!

Friday, July 19, 2013

 photo michaelkorsselmatotebag_zps02d904e9.jpg  photo anniepopforevernewcoatherfashionboxbeanie_zps87391f29.jpg
 photo anniepopherfashionbox_zpsf79268d1.jpg  photo herfashionboxphotoshootanniepop_zps8f22c5d4.jpg  photo herfashionboxjulybeanie_zpsc6c34944.jpg
Coat by Forever New, Bag by Michael Kors, Beanie by Her Fashion Box, Boots by Wittner

This month Her Fashion Box's little box of joy features Victor & Rolf, Honey & Beau, Maybelline, Pureology and fashion accessories accessories including the knitted beanie featured in this post. A big thank you to my better half, Tito, for officially being my unofficial blog photographer from hereon! Haha

 photo herfashionboxjuly_zpsec2abfc6.jpg

Beanies can add edgeyness and androgyny to outfits but don't forget they can look tone-down and girly too! Try wearing your beanie with a pea coat or tailored coat, just make sure its loose fitting and your hair is out to pull it altogether and now you can keep your head warm too!

Here are close ups of some of the other products in this month's Her Fashion Box:
 photo maybellinebbcreamreview_zps7a4ae108.jpg

BB Creams are great for every day wear. This one is like a tinted moisturiser but not as concentrated and I wanted to see how it would appear in photographs. On the left is my bare skin without BB Cream, on the right is my skin with BB Cream and both images are untouched and you can see a noticeable difference!
 photo maybellinebbcreambefore_zpsa0e709db.jpg  photo maybellinebbcreamafter_zpsd4fa8453.jpg  photo victorandrolfflowerbomb_zps398085cf.jpg  photo pureologyhairproducts_zpsf3b7ddf7.jpg
Accessories included this month were the beanie, this Honey & Beau clutch and Her Fashion Box necklace!
 photo honeyandbeauclutch_zps0fe56c76.jpg

If you would like Christmas to arrive at your door step every month, remember to subscribe to Her Fashion Box by choosing your style - are you Classic, Feminine or Trendy?


  1. You are such a natural beauty and I love your bag. OMG! <3

  2. I just wanted to thank you for all these Her Fashion Box posts. Its been really helpful for us girls that have been thinking about subscribing and I think I would either be a Classic or Feminine girl. Always looking forward to your next posts :)

    1. You're very welcome Rebecca, I'm so glad that I'm able to help :)

  3. What is your instagram ID?

  4. I love your balayage colour :) where did you get it done and how much was it? Is your hair usually thick and is it usually stubborn to dye? My hair is thick and I've never dyed it before. I'm seriously considering a balayage but I've seen a lot of people have their balayage go wrong because it doesnt blend well, the balayage starts too high or their balayage just turns orange. Do you have any tips on how to avoid it going orange?

    1. I got my balayage at Paris Hairdressing and I can't remember how much it was exactly but I think it was around $180. My hair is verrrrrryyy stubborn and this was actually my 3rd attempt for a balayage and I guess it was third time lucky! If you find that your balayage starts too high or the contrast is too much for you, my tip would be to get an in between colour and brush it from the top of your hair and into the balayage. This will even it out and give you a better ombre :)

      To avoid it going orange make sure you use purple shampoo to remove brassiness

  5. Lovely pictures and great post on her fashion box!

    accidental encounters

  6. You're so pretty!