Veet EasyWax and Blog Giveaway!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The wonderful guys from Veet are flying me out to Melbourne this weekend, they're also giving me the chance to run a "One Night Out" giveaway for you guys! Keep reading to find out more ;)

[I will be updating this blog post with Melbourne pictures as I go, in the mean time follow me on Instagram @annnieo]

Spring is here! So bring on the floral blazers, loose fitting chiffons and leg-baring skirts, shorts and skorts. I think my only two gripes with this season are: 1. The dreaded hayfever and 2. Keeping the legs under control (I blame it on post-winter leg syndrome).

Although hayfever is inevitable for me, I’m glad to say I’ve found a quick and easy solution to problem number 2. Let me introduce to you my new lifesaver – Veet’s EasyWax Electric Roll-On Kit.

When I’m working 9 to 5 every week day, by the time the weekend hits and the girls want to head out for a night on the town I’ll either have to microwave my own wax, find another wax spreader and cut out strips or head to the closest beauty bar. Which means I’ll either spend more money then I need to for salon finish legs or end up with a waxy mess all over the bathroom tiles.

Veet’s EasyWax is making my life easier by:

  1. Saving me from making a mess. There’s nothing worse than getting unwanted wax on your skin and your floor!
  2. Saving me so much time. Just like waxing made easy there’s only 3 steps you’ll need to follow.
  3. Saving me money. Why spend all that money at the salon when you can just buy an EasyWax kit which will last you for multiple uses (and it’s just in your local Supermarket too!).
  4. Saves me from buying different waxes for different wax areas. Usually the wax you use for your legs you wouldn’t be able to use for more sensitive areas such as your underarm. You can use the EasyWax for your legs, arms, underarms and even bikini!
  5. Providing me with all the tools I need in one kit: Wax kit, strips and after-wax wipes.
  6. So last weekend before a Saturday night hen’s night, I whipped out my EasyWax, waxed my legs and was ready to immerse myself in my wardrobe for the next few hours so I could figure out what to do.


What you’ll get in your kit:

  1. Veet EasyWax roller
  2. Wax refill
  3. Cable and base
  4. Wax strips
  5. After-wax wipes

How to use it:

  1. Insert the wax refill into the roller device
  2. Connect and plug the base with the roller and turn it on. A red light will turn on to indicate that the device is heating up. Wait 20 minutes.
  3. Roll on the wax in the direction of your hair growth (just like how you’d use a roll-on deodorant)
  4. Place the strip over the wax area. Rub then pull the strip back on itself against the direction of your hair growth.
  5. Remove any residue with the wax wipes.
  6. Place the lid on the wax until you use it again. Clean, easy and simple!

"One Night Out" GIVEAWAY!
Thanks to Veet, in celebration of Veet’s new EasyWax, one of you guys will stand to win a night out at a local hotel and dinner at a local restaurant! 

 Just tell me in the comment section below why you think that the Veet EasyWax is a great addition to your pre-night out beauty routine. Hotel and restaurant details will be provided once winner is selected. Please refer for the Terms and Conditions here.

Disclaimer: This was a sponsored blog post, however, the views expressed in this post are my true opinions on this product. 


  1. It's easy, cheap, and simple. Who wouldn't want to get their hands on one? The best part is also like mentioned, there's no mess and it's easy to buy just the wax by itself. It's an all in one system at home :)

  2. The name speaks for itself, Veet is making wax easy!! It will make a great addition to my pre-night out because it means I have a salon at my fingertips but without the $$

    - Jessica (

  3. It'd make a great addition to my pre-night out routine because with smooth legs, I can anticipate a smooth night out. ;)

  4. Veet Easy Wax is quick to prepare, easy to use, and convenient to store. Using it in your pre-night beauty routine means you have silky smooth legs and can therefore wear whatever you wish (not just pants that have to cover hairy legs)! And to top it all off, you are saving lots of money that can be better used on luxury treats!

  5. With 3 kids I don't really get the time to go out and get my waxing done! This would be great, I could do it myself and have lovely silky smooth legs on the rare occasions I do get to enjoy a night out :)

  6. Before a night out I want everything to be as easy and fuss free as possible so I'm not flustered when I leave the house, and can just focus on having fun!

  7. Hi Anniepop! Do you have to be from Australia to enter this?

    Well anyway, I think it would be a great addition to my night out because its so easy to use and I can also do other things while I wait for it to heat up so I can get ready faster

    1. I apologise for not specifying. Yes you will have to be from Australia to enter this competition.

  8. I want to win this for my girlfriend. Its our anniversary coming up and it would be nice to be able to take her out and spend the night out at a local hotel while I can spend more money on her present :D

  9. Im too shy to go and get my legs waxed at a salon so i think this would be a great addition to my bashful legs hahaha ...

  10. This will be an awesome (and much needed) addition to my going out ritual! I tend to have last minute dinners or unexpected nights out so with the new veet I can be hair free instantly!

    Can't wait to get my hands on it!

    Anna Lim

    1. I forgot my contact details!

      Eagerly waiting the results!!!

  11. OMG!!! I would love to win this because I've tried laser hair removal and my skin doesn't react well to it :( I've looked everywhere for alternatives and wax is okay but its very messy. I would love to have an EasyWax roll on

    P.S If I win can you please let me know via email:

  12. I love that it's such a versatile product - being able to switch from area to area without fuss and without the worry of cutting yourself from shaving! You can't ignore the cute packaging either!!

  13. As a mum of three aged 8 and under
    “Me” time is scarce, is it any wonder?!
    Trips to the salon are a thing of the past
    I just shave in the shower, but the results don’t last.
    So this revolutionary Roll-On Kit by Veet
    Would make my pre-outing prep complete!
    It ensures that the process will be fuss-free
    No more stray hairs, or nasty nicks to the knee
    The results are long-lasting which is just what I need
    And it’s simple application means even I can succeed!
    The added bonus is it won’t break the bank
    So for smooth, fuzz-free pins, I’ll have Veet to thank!!!

  14. Do you have to have your own blog to enter?

    And also do you have to be specifically a girl to enter?

    1. No you do not have to have your own blog to enter, as long as some form of contact details are available so that I can let you know once we've picked a winner!

      The competition is also open to both men and women :)

  15. I'm a disaster! Im the one guaranteed to have come up short for time and not have shaved my legs for a night out, meaning that my wardrobe options are limited. Veet easywax looks like the genuine solution to a busy mum of 3 who needs to be spoon fed my grooming options in order to be presentable when I leave the house

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