Bianca Gomez Backless Dress

Sunday, September 2, 2012

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Bianca Gomez Backless Dress by Bianca Gomez (click here to buy it from Le Black Book), ANNIEPOPSHOP gold cuffs.

Another dress and nail tutorial combo today.

I want to thank Le Black Book for making sure that my Bianca Gomez dress was personally delivered in time for the White Party I attended last weekend. I picked the Bianca Gomez backless dress in white, this dress also comes in pink which you can buy directly from here.

Bianca Gomez is the creative director for her own web-based label which she launched last year at just 19 years old. She designs amazing dresses such as the Midnight dress (which I'm obsessed with) and I can't commend her enough on her work! Show your support by buying a Bianca Gomez dress the next time you need a hot number for a night out :)

And before I leave, here is another quick and easy nail tutorial!
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Have a wonderful week, Happy Father's Day and Happy Spring!


  1. I neeeeeeeed this dress in my life!!!! Thanks for sharing xx

  2. That dress looks great on you! ... Hope that didn't sound to pervy, lol.

  3. Amazingly beautiful dress and cuff bangles

  4. Love the dress & Le Black Book too!

  5. VAVAVOOM! You look absolutely phenomenal in that dress!

  6. Really lovely dress swettie really cute...~~


  7. What size is your dress??

  8. Does this site ship internationally? Looks great on you :)

    1. Yes they do ship internationally (:

  9. the dress sits beautifully...i want!


  11. that dress is gorgeous!!

    I love your blog

    BTW, i'm new to blogger. Could you please return the follow :)

  12. You look amazing!! Not everybody can pull such a dress off!

    Do you wear a bra under these kinds of backless designs? And if so which ones? I find that I can't wear backless designs because I don't want to go without a supportive bra...


  13. I purchased this for my daughter who is in dance. She needed a wonderbra strapless with a clear back for one of her outfits.

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