What's a boy like you, doing in a place like this?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

(Forever21 Fringe vest, Shoesone Suede Booties, Sportsgirl accessories)

There's less than 2 weeks until uni starts again, 3 weeks until my birthday and I'm also meant to be graduating this year...isn't that absurd? But I'm prolonging my stay for another semester or so, I've picked three subjects for the upcoming semesters instead of four and I vow to use my time wisely and blog - I mean - no! - get my GPA up and get some direction! Working at Bardot is wonderful but it's really not a career. Okay enough about my 'future', I'm getting forehead wrinkles just thinking about it.

I still haven't blogged about my trip to Fiji or uploaded pictures of the things I want to sell but I should get to it before my break ends, not like it mattered much but my conscience says 'do it!'.
The Ladakh sale was surprisingly dissapointing this time around. The $10-20 tops & bottoms rule no longer applies, now theres $20 tops, $30 bottoms, $40 denim and $60 dresses including old stock lying around, now for a higher price- it's preposterous! I did pick out a top I really liked though (right) and the blazer on the left was my best buy this week!

Anonymous: hey annie since you work at bardot would you be able to tell us about new arrivals and which things you like from bardot? i totallllyyyy love your style =)
To be honest I feel like I don't have a sense of 'style' or what have you - I hardly ever shop beyond the store now :( but on the upside it means I can answer your question in a matter of seconds! We get new arrivals every week and our website is a tad delayed but here are some of our New Arrivals that I am loving (and I tossed in the Drape Chambray & Cinderbox jackets because I still love them and I needed to fill some space!). The Chambray contrast jacket did look odd at first but after wearing it for a while you grow to love it! And oh Louis Sateen dress! If there is an occasion and the weather permits it I'll definitely take you out!

This is why I can't save. As soon as the paycheque rolls in it rolls right back to the store :(

First row: Chambray contrast jacket $99.95, Drape Chambray jacket $99.95, Frill jacket $79.95
Second row: Waterfall leather jacket $269.95, Mixed Fabric cardi $79.95, Swan Lake dress $89.95
Third row: Louis Sateen dress $89.95, Leather leggings $149.95, Cinderbox jacket $89.95

I also got a new case for my Iphone, about time!

21st post and jeans!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

(Bardot Ripped Stella Skinny jeans, Bardot No.9 Singlet, Anise throw, Diva cuff, Urbanoutfitters gloves, Top Shop Ava Lace up boots.)

I did it. It took a lot of willpower (and physical power! haha) but I've squeezed into my first pair of jeans in three years, and I surprisingly liked them. After helping one girl after another into our Stella skinnies and feeling content for the day to serve such satisfied customers, this week I decided I wanted in.

I also ended up purchasing the Olympus camera... and returning it. The camera produced large photos, had a wide angle lens and great settings but the colour of the flash made my pictures turn out dull and unsightly. Before all this, I've walked into JB looking for the samsung st500 and with each visit came "we don't sell that camera" suddenly now when asking for a full refund the store manager was able to make a few calls and place an order on the st500 for me. Persistence has paid off! I'm kind of bummed that the Olympus and I didn't work out though :(

(Stussy coco singlet, Shoesone wedge sneakers, Diva & Equip cuffs, Sportsgirl & Diva rings, Sportsgirl necklace)

I've yet to say thankyou for the heads up on Formspring so, thankyou for those that responded! But instead of creating an account I think I'll just try to do some blog housekeeping more often. Not that I wouldn't mind the idea but I do read all my comments so an extra account on the side would just be another username and password to remember.

[EDIT] I'll keep this section updated until I've made another post :)
Anonymous: annie are you still gonna sell some stuff on ebay? ive waiting quite a while :(
I'm so sorrrrry! I've packed all the things I've wanted to sel in boxes and my friend Wendy and I were planning to set up a stall at Glebe to sell all our things.. but she's in China now haha I have a pair of sunglasses I'll post up next to sell though!

Anonymous: annie do you have a lookbook account?
Yes I do but it's embarressing and I'm not going to share it haha. I've had it for a long time, too long actually, so long ago that I can't stand to look at the pictures I've posted.

Anonymous: heyss =) what is that ring in ur last post? is it a ring even? LOLS looks purtttyyy =)
I'm surprised you could even tell I was wearing a ring from all that pixelation! But yes I was and yes, I should also repaint my nails hehehe

(Rings from Equip & Diva)

Anonymous: Annie I want to buy from forever 21, but I've read reviews and they're so bad :( And I know you've said they're a trusted site. How long does it take to get shipped over here! HELP! PLEASE!
I feel like a bad online shopper for saying this but it never occured to me to read up on reviews for forever21. I just went ahead and assumed that being a well known chain store would mean that I could shop online securely! Luckily I had an okay experience with the site. They took a while to ship, about 2 weeks, but there were no glitches. Once my package was shipped I recieved tracking information so I could be updated on the status of my order. Everything arrived perfectly but like any other american website, postage and handling costs were a bit heavy. I tried to order over $100.01 to get the $35 flat rate for shipping but besides that f21 are having a further sale on their sale items so now is a good time to place an order! If there are any problems you can contact them directly here.

Anonymous: whats your ebay account name? can you link it pls?
Hey anonymous, my family and I actually share an ebay account so I'm not too sure if they would like it if I linked the account to my blog but for the meantime if you wanted to know the ebay seller of any items I've purchased off ebay let me know and I'll be happy to share :)

Anonymous: what camera did you use to take those photos with? if its the olympus then it looks good!! im thinking of getting a sony camera do you know if sonys any good?
The camera I actually use to take my blog photos with is the Canon IXUS 90 IS which is a great camera but it belongs to my parents haha. I have a friend who works at a camera store who advised me to not get a Sony camera because it's not durable. I personally don't know anything about cameras so I'm not the best person to ask haha but what I do know is that my Sony Cybershot only lasted me about a year before it curdled.

j: hey annieo (: i love the double-finger ring and am contemplating purchasing one myself but i find that all the rings i buy from diva tarnish/change colour within a week (probably from my sweaty hands LOL eww i know)! do you have any tips on how to prevent this or do yours do the same? also, i absolutely love the bag you had a few posts back with the studs on the bottom. can i ask where you got it from? thanks lovely
In this weather - who doesn't have sweaty hands! hahaha. My lovely friend Laura used to work at Diva and posted a comment right after about the cleaning cloths to stop the rings from tarnishing. You can also try coating the back and insides of the ring with clear nailpolish (it'll also stop your fingers from turning green!) or you can store your rings in fabric pouches.
Tarnishing can also be fixed! If your rings are already tarnished and you'd like to fix them there are a couple of remedies you could try.
For silver rings first you need to clean all the dirt off your ring by dipping a soft cloth in some mild dish soap water and rub the dirt off your ring. After this is done, rinse the ring in cold water and dry with another soft clean cloth.
Then make a paste consisting of three parts baking soda and one part water. Apply some paste to a clean soft cloth and rub the ring to remove the tarnish. When the cloth turns gray, use a different area of the cloth. When finished, rinse the ring in cold water and buff it dry with a soft clean cloth.

For copper or brass rings, pour enough white vinegar in a container to cover your rings. Add about a teaspoon of salt. Swirl your rings around and tarnish should disappear within a minute. Rinse with cold water and dry with a clean soft cloth!
Oh! and my mum actually bought the bag for me when she went to Taiwan! They didn't actually have enough luggage space to bring home everything all at once so our family friends who stayed at Taiwan with my parents came home a week later with some more Taiwan goodies!

Anonymous: annie!! pleaseee pleaseeeeee post a photo of your overflowing wardrobe and ur envious shoe collection!! x which bardot store do you work at?
Ah! I can't believe I missed this question the first time around, sorry for the late reply!
Hmmm, I'm not sure how I'm going to post a photo of my wardrobe, my wardrobe is built into my room and takes up one whole wall and is closed by three sliding mirror panels so I can't open up the entire wall all at once I have to slide the panels to open a particular section of my wardrobe and from this angle you wouldn't be able to make out what everything was but I'll try to figure something out... eventually hahaha
And I work at Bardot in Parramatta!

P.S I don't remember exactly where I found this picture from, but it makes me drool. Every. time.

Also on the lookout for OPI's My Private Jet!

Never mind the groceries

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

- Bardot Pout Promotion! Spend $150 or more and get a free Bardot Pout lipgloss of your choice (Vanilla Bean, Strawberry and Melon). Offer avaliable from 1st-28th of Feb
- We will also soon be getting in winter stock and releasing new washes of jeans. The washes will be vintage based so acid washed/bleached and also neutral (super exciting!)
- In about 3 weeks from now will be the grand opening of Bardot Junior in Parramatta Westfields - the first Bardot Junior store to open in NSW for both boys & girls. They're also in need of staff so apply online now!
& also, I haven't been able to comments from my last entry recently because it tends to be glitchy for me but I do remember somebody asking about a necklace they needed for a black & white themed party (this weekend I think?), would I be able to know what outfit you were planning to wear? Only if it's okay by you and fingers crossed I'm not too late! [/EDIT]

Things to save up for.
Not really anything beauty or fashion related this time around. I've just got some pretty beat up furniture to replace and a camera that has lost it's will to live so here goes my shopping list. I also realized I never blogged about my trip to Fiji, its been a while since I've filed a post under 'Life'. I'll do another update about beautiful Fiji soon :)

1. Olympus u-7020: He's maybe not the best looking camera but he's got some impressive specs! 12MP, 7.1x Optical Zoom, 3in LCD and a Panoramic/Wide angle lens
2. IKEA - Expedit Desk Combination: Time to replace my run down baby pink desk from way back when.
3. Nail polish rack and new jewelry stands: I need a home for my pile of polish and it's about time to clear out some of the old rusted jewellery!
4. Acne Atacoma Lace up metal wedge ankle boot: And last but not least - it never hurts to treat yourself to a goodlooking pair of wedges right? Oohhh, ever so famous Acne wedges, the things I would do for you....I guess they can wait though :P