Back to old habits

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Four more NARS compacts later and I realize... the amount of blush I have is ridiculous, the amount I spend on makeup is ridiculous and the only thing I can see in my near future is being diagnosed with compulsive hoarding...

So on my list of New Year's Resolutions will be: To only buy makeup once I've hit pan (I'm aware that this rule will be tweaked through the course of the year but, I tried.)

But with one category of cosmetics aside, I've been won over by the fresh handmade cosmetics of LUSH. I've drifted in and out of interest with LUSH in the past but I fell back into relapse when one of my best friends, Fiona, let me have a big ol' whiff of her Snow Fairy lip balm.

I gave LUSH a visit, bought some soaps, recieved some samples and we literally spent a whole night watching LUSH hauls on the tube and discussing bubble bars and bath ballistics. Next thing you know, I'm a sworn LUSH fanatic and seeing that one of my new faves in blog world has already fallen into the same ordeal (yes jenny, that is you, hah!) just reassures me that it's okay, spending this much on soaps and such is not that ridiculous ....and I am not alone hahaha.

So I mentioned in my January 1st post that I had a few LUSH things to discuss, I haven't actually got to use them all yet so the best I can do for now is pictures and scent descriptions which is kind of hard because everyone interprets scents differently. I guess this will be "useless-LUSH-rave" for short.

Honey I washed the kids
Is meant to calm sore, sensitive epidermis with rich aloe vera lather to leave the skin feeling smooth. It's LUSH's best selling soap and the scent is described as "sticky toffee and honey with hints of bergamot and orange". I can't smell the bergamot or orange and the smell of "sticky toffee and honey" is really slight, it kind of smells like hardened caramel. The honeycomb top smells a bit sweeter than the rest of the soap but the sweet smell is very subtle. See what I mean by it's hard to describe the scents? haha

Is meant to give a "creamy candy bath" and smell like "sweet, vanilla perfume" but it actually smells exactly like Red Skins! Like sweet raspberry candy and the scent is amazing in the shower. I sliced a chunk to use as hand soap and now I can't stop smelling my hands.. how very lady-like! :P

Vanilla in the mist
There are actually black streaks on top of the soap which are meant to be "real vanilla pods, from the vanilla orchid, dried, crushed and fragrant." The scent should have a dash of coconut and tonka but I think it smells exactly like coconut. Sweet, soapy, coconut.

Ice Blue
Is meant to wake you up in the morning and leave a "peppermint lather" on your skin but it's very minty, kind of smells like toothpaste. I hate the smell of toothpaste.

Sea Vegetable
Has a crust layer of sea salt and black pieces of arame seaweed which should nourish and revive dull skin and "give it the scent of the seaside". LUSH describes the scent as lavender and lime oils but it's sort of like minty menthol.

My LUSH Hitlist for 2010 (in no particular order) so far will be:
1. Porridge
2. Sultana of Soap
3. Butter Ball
4. Chox Away
5. Angels on Bare Skin
6. Snow Fairy Shower Gel
7. Cupcake face mask
8. Ma Bar Bubble Bar
9. Sunny Side Bubble Bar
10. Honey I Washed the Kids solid perfume
11. Mask of Magnaminty
12. Dream Cream

So, the main reason for my lack of updates was because my parents had taken their camera on their Vietnam/Taiwan trip but they're back now! I actually just picked them up from the airport this morning.

Even though I told my mum didn't know what I wanted from Taiwan.. I think she sort of picked up on my fascination with studded things - the amount of studs on the shoes is a bit ludicrous but it was a sweet gesture and it made me laugh haha thankyou mother! She also bought a couple more Fendi goodies from Duty Free for herself. My favourite of her Fendis was her Black Chef Med Boston but she was using it for the day so I'll snap a picture next time.

This entry took forever to do, my brother is downloading Avatar and my laptop is about to have a meltdown. Avatar by the way, is one of the best movies ... ever.

P.S A little side note for those who made it to the end of this entry - Bardot will be having FINAL REDUCTIONS of all sale items starting Tomorrow (Tuesday 12th Jan) we're taking 20% off ALL sale stock! Have fun and ciao bellas! xx


  1. Happy new year love! wwoooohoooo I love your NARS blushes <3! Never looking back from these!

    Also your lush bars are incredibly pleasing to the eyes and I'm sure if I could smell them, nostrils too <3!

    Your mum is so cuuute! My mum wouldn't buy me half a rag even if I begged lololo!

  2. happy new year sweetie!!! love nars and fendi! very cool =D

  3. loving the NARS blushes!! especially the Zen one :)

  4. Four more NARS blushes! Just comfort yourself by looking at yourself with the blushes. The colours are all gorgeous. :)

    The Fendi goodies look good!

  5. i try to tell myself as long as i do not go into debt because of the amount of makeup i spend then im okay, but really - i have too much makeup =/ lol

    honey i washed the kids and Ice blue are my favorite soaps i think. i just bought dream cream today :)

  6. Lovely pictures!
    I just did a lush review..
    I'm a ridiculous lush addict :(
    Beautiful blushes though... I really think Zen is pretty. Thanks for the great swatches.

  7. I love LUSH too (: It's alright, they're so addictive and have such lovely scents

  8. This post is awesome because I can TOTALLY relate. I used to repurchase my NARS Laguna bronzer and Orgasm blush before my current one even hit the pan too! It's like I'm afraid it'll get discontinued or something, which is absolutely ridiculous. Right now I have 2 unopened packages of NARS Laguna and Irresistiblement bronzer and I refuse to use them until I finish my current bronzer (I see the pan, it's coming soon! hehe)

    My boyfriend bought me Honey I Washed the Kids soap this Christmas and I CANNOT believe I've lived this long without it!! It was my first
    LUSH product (the strong smell inside the store never prompted me to stay inside long enough to shop around) and I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEee it. My friend also bought me "I Should Coco" but it was very disappointing because it didn't lather whatsoever for me, although it is a great exfoliator (shredded coconut!)

  9. Oh I know - I totally side with you on having too much makeup. I hide my makeup now because it's soooo embarassing if any of my friends see my whole makeup collection. None of my friends wear makeup like I do so my addiction has to be a secret LOL.
    I love Honey I washed the kids soap. I find mine to shrink sooo quickly though! I try to avoid new soaps because I'm so easily allergic to body washes.
    Oh, and who couldn't love the Fendi purchases your Mom made? :)

  10. awwwwww! your little shoutout was way to cute, i die.
    omg all my friends think i'm nuts on the amount im spending on lush, i just bought some more stuff today but they are just amazing and buy one get one free as well.
    ahah i also went to bardot n got a cropped tux for 40! thanks to you for informing me :)

  11. Hey annieo, why don't you make a formspring account?(:

  12. God your nars blushes are amazing.

  13. I just LOVE those studded flats!!! Oh my, I have to try and track some down now!! haha! It's also great to see somebody do Nars blush swatches of blushes besides Orgasm! Great colors you've got there! :)

  14. I use to buy soo much make up too but I stopped buying make up unless I reallyy needed it last year. I don't see the sense in having so much make up you barely use anymore when money can be spent on other things. =P

  15. love all these products!!

    xo, C.

  16. OMMGGG btw love.. I don't know what you've done to me but after I saw your LUSH post + watching the LUSH yt videos I was like "this stuff can't be THAT good?!" and then I went to LUSH and omggg.. I blame you!

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