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Monday, December 14, 2009

Anise cropped top, Bardot Piper frill jacket, Bardot Pretty Punk Tank
Extended trading hours commenced this week as well as our $30 sale on dresses and a whole lot of pizzazz in the sales rack so drop by Bardot and join the hussle and bussle! Gosh, I've turned into a retail spruikazilla!
And when it's busy it means more work outfits which probably will make do for any hauls from now on.. buying clothes from the store means doubling them as work outfits and now I find myself passing shops that I'd normally enter (urgh, such a sacrifice!). I haven't had the urge to buy things but I find myself having to for the sake of work, which sounds like a pleasure but sometimes - it's a pain ($$$)!
Cinderbox jacket ($89.95), Holey Moley tank (SALE! $19.95)
Piper Frill jacket ($89.95) , Pretty Punk tank ($59.95)
Night Owl Jacquard (SALE! $29.95), Monaco Panel Skirt ($69.95)

I've also picked up a few more cubes for things that found no place on the chrome stand.

Housekeeping time! Not much to do but I have some time to spare for answers :)
Annie: Hehe, you have an uber cute smile. Have you had braces before? :)
Why hello fellow Annie! No I've never had braces before but I think I might need them in the near future :( my front teeth on the bottom row are being pushed inwards by the sneaky little wisdom teeth that will soon be peering from the tiny space left on my gums. Gah, dreading their arrival!

Anonymous: Hey Annie, woudl you be able to tell me what is the brand of your friend's camera? I love the quality of the photos!
I love her camera too! Hopefully next year I can cash in my next few paycheques for a new snapper! Her camera is a Samsung st500

Anonymous: hey annie is that black top from bardot a one top or like a singlet and something else? how much was it, since u work there eheh :) do u get good discounts??
Hello Anonymous :) the black Pretty Punk top is actually one top, the singlet inside was mine so I'm sorry for the misleading picture! I've reposted pictures of it with all the prices and yes I do get a discount on the clothes (but not as much as the full-timers, if only!)

Anonymous: Hey annieo, just wondering if you can help me out! LOL I just wanted to know what your getting your boyfriend for christmas, i'm absolutely clueless of what to get my boyfriend, his 18
Funny thing is I was just about to post up a question asking for xmas pressie ideas for the boyf! I had a plan to save up for things he really wanted and used, like part of his home entertainment system. But he's bought his own and it's better than what I could've given him - so that idea has gone down the gutter! He has said he wants a few things from IKEA, even though he thinks I won't be able to afford the things he wants I'm willing to cash in my next few paycheques and if anything get him a belated pressie - one that he'll make use of! Last year I got him a DVD player, the three seasons of Family Guy he didn't have and a Mossimo belt. Other pressies I've given him has just been things like Lacoste shoes, belts, jackets, shirts, Nintendo DS - guy presents are so difficult! This year I'm clueless :(


  1. oh my gosh girl, you don't even know how WORTH IT that terimayo dog is! hahaha! funny thing is.... the friends i went to eat with are from australia (victoria i believe) and they love it so much, they actually want to start one there. hahah! ;P so watch out for it! ;P

    p.s - u are gorgeous! :)

  2. Ooohhhh.. lovely clothes! :D
    I wanna work there!
    Oh but does that mean your pay pretty much goes into paying for your clothes to wear TO work? D:

  3. Adore the outfit dear! Your room is so organized - I'm so jealous!! lol. It's amazing how many annie's you can find on blogspot :P except mine is spelt different .. cause my mom doesn't know how to spell :(

  4. OMG!!! Thank you for following me :)) you totaly made my day! I am super in love with your blog!!! xo Vendella :))

  5. Wow. Thats alot of amazing clothes. :) xxx Camilla

  6. Love that jacket and skirt!!
    Gorgeous necklace too.
    X, fashionnerdic

  7. hi hun! i'm lovin' the pretty punk tank and the monaco panel skirt! pity you're in syd, cos i'd so drop by and say hello, hehe. hmm..does that sound stalkerish much? lol
    speaking of stereo, i had dirt/dust up my nose and in my lungs too but surprisingly, my sandals stayed pretty clean, haha. =.=

  8. wow amazing items !! And I love your photo !! I really want your hair :)

  9. hey gorgeous! thanks for continuing to update your blog even though u must be very busy! u one of my favourites <3

    me and my girlfriends are heading to sydney for new years whats cool to do in sydney on new years even?

  10. love your blog :) just came across it today !
    and you are so beautiful

  11. the cinerbox jacket and holey moley tank together are so cute together!

  12. You look great in the photos! Nice clothes haul, I really have to get some new things too. I love that skirt!

  13. beautiful clothing.
    and great organizing.

  14. I love your blog !! your pearcings are top cool ! have you got a LV bag? me too , the last month I bougth one ;) and I have a Pair os fendi shoes, come to mu blog, love the your :D

    XX from spain


  15. Love your pictures and outfit, so gorgeous!! And that maxi dress is amazing too!!

  16. hello dear, you look amazing as ever. Love the maxi dress. Thanks for your sweet comment. Take care!

    xoxo zola

  17. OMG Annie, you're always so gorgeous! Your hair and makeup is lovely ;) and I love the top you're wearing in the top left picture.
    Too bad you don't get a discount like the full time staff do at your part time job :(
    For some strange reason I thought Australia has cold winters like us in Canada! I think it's because when I went to Banff (mountains in Western Canada) there are a lot of Australians who live and work there. Oh I wish I could have some of your hot weather!

  18. Lovely pictures as always. Amazing outfit!
    Your style of clothing and organization is great.
    I am also slightly clueless on what to get the bf this year for Xmas....
    Why are boys so difficult? -_-

  19. you look gorgeous annie :) you should do a christmas wishlist entry!

  20. i love ur pictures you're soo gorgeous!

    and ur clothes are too cute im so j theres no bardot anywhere around here=(

    did ur piercings hurt?


  21. I want that cinderbox jacket and the space junk maxi dress so badddd!!!

    how much discount do you get since you work there?

  22. I just went through a bunch of your posts and think you are drop dead gorgeous! What's your ethnicity? You have such a stunning face and beautiful hair, but I'm sure you hear this all the time. You also give pretty solid make up tips, which will be useless for someone like me because I'm make up retarded. I'm bookmarking you RIGHT NOW. You've made a fan in the United States.

    i shop there all the time, and always sucked into their sales, just bought so much stuff recently.
    I've been missing in action for like 5 years cause... i've been lazy hahah
    BUT IM BACK :)

  24. Girl you are so pretty and your make-up collection! I AM SO JEALOUS! amazing hair, too.

  25. Hey, where did you buy your storage cubes from?


  26. she got them from officeworks.

  27. Great outfit! And i still like your piercings

    xoxo, thn

  28. Omg, could you do a tutorial on the diy chain jewlery you made? They look fantastic!

  29. oh my god! i love every single piece you bought!!now i am pretty jealous!! i want all of them! lol

  30. fabulous post my dear!! I have a question for you, i wanna splurge on some new make up just after xmas, got roughly £50 (roughly $90) to spend. What would you say are the most important brand items i should get that you cant live without?
    ps Im pale skinned with red hair if that makes a difference :) xo

  31. I love your fashion style!!

  32. Thanks so much for the chat love :). Thank god you remembered who I was otherwise it would have been a really awkward and embarassing (at least for me) encounter!

    And no worries at all about the discount xDD! I didn't want to trouble you too much anyway!

    I love all your clothes! And your hair is fricken sooooooo niiiceeee.

    And about your other comment, now I've met you and unleashed my fatty lumps you can retract what you said about me being skinny. Because I'm no where near LOL!

  33. annie ! you are so hot mama. the ensemble is cute, i've been searching for a shredded-like tee for a while. they're either TOO shredded like, i-got-attacked-by-a-bear, or not shredded enough.

    ps. i love your blog, if it's cool with you i'd love to link your blog. i'll def be stopping by more often. don't be a stranger okay? : )

    xx lue

  34. Oh, I'm so needing to catch up on your posts! :D I love the clothing shown in all the photos. The black jacket at the beginning is super cool! Your vanity table looks so organised. I wish I was half as organised as you. :P

  35. i absolutely adore your makeup storage! i think it's the most creative one i've seen so far. i love it! gotta say.. you have a fab sense of style too <3 xx

  36. I just bought the space junk maxi dress for a wedding (casual wedding) what can i wear with it? Its tomorrow and i dont have anything to wear with it, i dunno WHAT to wear with it and its gonna be freeeezing! Please reply asap

  37. I loove how you store all your cosmetics and accessories! GREAT ideas!