Polaroid update

Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy 2 years and 7 months babe.
We made a gingerbread house last week to practice before Christmas day, can't wait till Friday!
have a safe and happy Christmas all!


  1. happy 2 years and 7 months to you and your boyfriend! :)
    love the polaroids, especially those shoes :O!!

    gonna go try fish-a-fish now haha thanks!
    and i know right? big bang theory! im just gonna marry howie and sheldon LOLOL :D

  2. lovelly dress! Red lips are soo sexy!

  3. this is such a good idea!
    i discovered red lips too- i always thought that it would look too harsh on me but i guess it's all about finding the shade that suits you.

  4. you have a beautiful facial structure . and great tan too !

    love the red lips idea !
    enjoy your last few days of 2009 !
    hope you havent wasted this year for nothing ;)
    visit my blog + comment + follow !
    GLISTERS AND BLISTERS. blogspot . com

  5. Exacly they are so pretty and simple to do!
    I love red lipstick but I do look nice in it!
    Have a great New Year & Christmas ;***

  6. I adore that dress! xxx


  7. Happy anniversary to you and your bf!
    I wish Melb had nice sunny weather, it's been mainly cool and rainy this summer so far.
    Wishing you a very merry Christmas too luv! xOx

  8. i'm so jealous. its biting cold in toronto. i WISH it was boiling hot, i would give anything to be somewhere toasty right now! yeah i've linked your blog so i'll be back more often : ) you are so sweet yourself ! and pretty ! my god.

    xx lue

  9. ps. i've been searching for my own red lipstick, its been tricky!

  10. I want those for Xmas too.

    Love Grace.

  11. sooooooopretty! congrats on you and your boy ;)

  12. Congratulations on reaching 2 years and 7 months in your relationship! He's a lucky fellow :)
    You look beautiful with or without your fringe. I find any fringe either pokes my eyes or gets caught in my lipgloss :\ Neither of which are good things right?! LOL. Wish I could carry one better though.
    I love the dress you bought and that colour of red lipstick has so much sex appeal.
    Have a lovely Christmas Holiday and a wonderful New Year!! All the best xoxox

  13. wow, you look really good without a fringe, so much fresher :)
    congratulations to you and your boyf.

  14. hey my dear! merry xmas!!
    just gave my blog a make over check it out if uve time, also added you to my new blog roll list. :)
    magpie-girl.blogspot.com xo

  15. the dress looks fab! Btw i have an award for you on my blog. I am simly in love with your blog. Hope you like it. Happyyy Holidaysssss xo :)

  16. heyy, so I'm passing on The Haute Mess Award to you because i'm still so in love with this blog of yours. Come grab it from my site okay? : )

    xx lue

  17. I tried red and I hated it, it looked horrible on me :( I guess it takes some practice/getting used to?

  18. you look beautiful in your pictures

  19. the new hair is saa cute! i'm gettin bored of my fringe as well, gets in the way all the time so annoying.
    the xmas sales and boxing day were crazy
    i did so much shopping that i kind of feel guilty but whatever its christmas
    on that note MERRY BELATED XMAS GIRL!

  20. Bahahaha you're hilarious love! I hope you're okay :(. I think you deserve worker's compo! Near death experiences are detrimental to your health!

    OHHH POST PIC WITH RED LIPPIIIEE :)! I've been looking for a red lippie as well but I always look like some hooker, lawl. Is that MAC's Russian Red?


  21. those boots are badass!!! belated happy anniversary to you guys! :)

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