Summer party + Stereosonic

Sunday, November 29, 2009

It's summer holidays but I still haven't had a decent night's sleep. It's been one activity to the next and microdermal after-care in between so blog-wise I've been pretty inactive, most of my internet time is now used to email Amy and Amelia- two of my best friends on completely different continents that won't be back until next year :(

The fainting spell I had last week was from dehydration and since then I've unintentionally water loaded, my stomachs been in complete bloat-mode! Thank goodness for my cupboard full of loose fitting clothes hehe.

The week leading up to the Summer Party has been quite frantic. Since I lost my wallet I had debt to pay off, things to report missing and IDs + cards to be replaced. Then before I knew it it was Thursday night and time for frantic last-minute outfit shopping, my wallet was cardless so I grabbed what I could afford with the little dosh I had leftover and it was Summer Party the next night then Stereosonic the following morning.

I spent most of my Summer Party experience being pushed and shoved around, The only place with any moving space was in the public toilets (below) haha

and when the morning came it was time for Stereosonic. These photos are from Winnie's camera (which I love! Hint hint, new camera for Christmas Santa? hahaha)
The next morning I had to wake up for work and my calves were aching! Working at Bardot has been good though, a lot more laid back than General Pants. But it does scare me that my mindset at the moment is - "I don't care what my wage is, as long as I'm not couped up at a desk all day, I'm happy." ..sitting at a desk is basically ....the rest of my life after graduation :(
And now for a little housekeeping!
Anonymous: wowwwwwwwwwwwww how much did ur bf win?! lucky! can u show us ur new piercings :)
I don't know if I should mention the digits but I agree, he was lucky. I would go into another fainting spell if I had to explain to you how he played to win the amount he did though, agh my heart!
And about my piercings, I've still got about another week or two before I can take the spot bandaids off, the only time they're exposed is when I'm cleaning them so really only 4 people have seen them haha - here they are, fresh and only 8 days old.

Anonymous: hey annie did your microdermals hurt? how much did they cost and where did you get them done? post up a picture please =o)
The dermals were done at Industrie8 which are $90 each and $160 for two, then theres other costs like antiseptic and salt water sprays which are about $10-15 each.

I don't tolerate pain well. The only other piercings I've had are my ears and bellybutton so I went in expecting the worst ... but it was actually ok! The only real pain I felt was from adjustments. When he inserted the left dermal my body tensed up and it wasn't as flat as I wanted it to be so the dermal needed to be adjusted and pushed down into place but it was only a couple more seconds of adjustment pain and it was over!

Xtina: how long do dermals take to heal? does it hurt? i'm thinking of getting them on my back toooooo =] is it hard to look after?
The time it takes to heal depends on the location of the dermals, I think its a minimum of 2 weeks healing time (but then again, I'm only a patient, not a piercer! haha) but I can tell you that they've been the most easy going piercings I've had.

The after care I was given was an antiseptic spray and a salt water spray which you pretty much spray on the peircings 3 times a day. The antiseptic spray is wiped with clean tissue and the salt water spray is left to completely dry before applying the spot bandaids.

So they're pretty easy to look after, the only downside is that I'm allergic to the sticky part of the bandaid so I get a bit red and itchy but I've resisted the temptation to scratch then my gorgeous Bettina checked up on the dermals and gently scratched where the bandaid had made me itch, it felt so good, I swear I could have married here then and there LOL.

Anonymous: how long did it take to put in the microdermal piercings?
I think it took about 5-10minutes or so, it's a bit more fiddly than normal piercings but it's nothing terrible. I wanted to record it but I wasn't allowed to, which is probably a good thing. Watching the procedure on youtube never really helped me calm down all that much :


  1. They look like reset buttons! =) jk, they're cute.

  2. your hair is so pretty! im jealous!

  3. OUCHHHHHHH i just searched up youtube clips of microdermals and it looks PAINFUL >< but i love the ones you got on your back. they look AWESOME. xox

  4. went to stereosonic? looks like you had a fab time with your mates! i'm going this saturday, been looking forward to it, cos it's been a while since the last time i partied with friends. ;)
    looking gorgeous as always annie. x

  5. Hehe, you have an uber cute smile. Have you had braces before? :)

  6. Hey Annie, woudl you be able to tell me what is the brand of your friend's camera? I love the quality of the photos!

  7. What hair prodcuts do you use? It's beautiful! :)

  8. my boyfriends going to stereosonic in melbourne this saturday!
    loveee the colour of your outfit from summer party
    and the sunnies

  9. hellllo! Gorgeous pictures, looks like you had a great time! Great blog. :D

  10. Omg hun! I hate to sound unoriginal because I always so this, but you look fricken gorgeous! Esp in that orange maxi <3 <3. Also at Stereosonic :). I can't believe how flawless you look. Usually at festivals/raves my face is like all mongy lol.

    I'm getting the Rock Lobster dress and my jeans mid-Dec. I will post pics if I'm not too self-conscious lol!

    HMM :/. I had the same problem with the fluidline! That's why I converted to Bobbi Brown. Too bad about your smudge pot love :(. I really tried so hard to love the smudge pot, but I must say BB gel liner is still my HG. Oh wells!

    I heard somewhere that Fay from kissandmakeup is re-stocking in Jan! I really want her to re-stock because I want more NARS blushes and eyeshadow duos! YES YES when she restocks, order Lustre! HECK BUY EVERYTHING XDD.


  12. wow, nice pierces :D
    And I think that you are a nice and cute girl :)

  13. Woahh Ur hair is gorgeous!
    Loving the nice dress too loving the colour

  14. ANNIE!!!! you should do a video or blog about your skin care routine. your skin is glowing and FLAWLESS. i don't think i've ever seen you with a blemish or a pimple. whats your secret??

    p.s i love your dress and your new piercings too

  15. ahhh i thought i saw you at stereosonic!!!!
    how did you find the overall festival?! mediocre? i was unimpressed.
    stereosonic stage had sound restrictions. bloody beetroots was a sauna inside RHI and crookers blew a speaker!
    not happy jan =(

  16. congrats on the two jobs! are you going to quit one of them?

    i was wondering what you thought of GP? because i'm about to quit my job, so i want a list of good places to drop my resume off at before i do my hsc:)

  17. oh, i love your peach maxi on you btw! :)

  18. Wow.. your skin looks amazing in the pix from the Summer Party! What products did you use on your face?
    & i'm loving the maxi! It looks similar to this one from Bardot that i've been eyeing off for a while now but am too poor to purchase lol.

  19. Nice pics!! Really love that pink/nude dress you are wearing in one of the first pictures!!

  20. Wow your piercings look really cool! I haven't seen a microdermal piercing in person and your blog is the first place I heard of it!
    You and your girlfriends look sooo pretty!
    I can't believe you said "summer party". I had to read that word like three times. I just braved two snow storms in the past few days! I didn't realize how warm it stays in Australia ;)

  21. awesome piercings!!!!

    u also hav beautiful skin =)

  22. I love your piercing! Damnnn..

    and your a beautiful girl!


  23. you are STUNNING.

  24. OMG OMG OMGGGG ANNIE! NARS is on SNET NOW! HOLY :O :O :O. I see the light now!

    LOLOLO.. I ALWAYS get that. Like have gunk in the corner of my eyes, a smudge of mascara somewhere and I never find out until I look in the mirror :/. Goods friends we have hehe!

  25. OMG I am in love with your blog!!!! :) Follow!!! :D


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