HOW TO: Look Like Olivia Palermo Under $200

Monday, August 17, 2015

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If I could switch wardrobes with anyone in the world, it would definitely be Olivia Palermo. I love her understated style and her taste for timeless, chic and most importantly comfortable pieces.  

She constantly redefines the "new basics" and I'm here to share with you today, the top Palermo staples of the season (inspired from the million screenshots I've taken of Olivia throughout my recent Pinterest and Instagram ventures) without the socialite price tag. 

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Every closet needs a neutral shawl collar coat which can be tied and fitted during the colder seasons or draped over the shoulders during the warmer seasons. The minimalistic element of the Libby Shawl Coat by Boohoo comes from its non existent buttons which doesn't give the coat an expiry date. 

Sometimes small features like the type or placement of buttons on a coat can take it from chic to shabby as the trends change. By stripping back on the details, this ensures that your staple coat will always be the "new basic"

Olivia will tend to choose oversized coats with small or simple details that bring her outfit together without being too over the top. 

No wardrobe would be complete without a white button up shirt. If you're stuck between deciding which shirt you need, my advice would be to opt for the 3/4 sleeve which is great throughout all seasons. Choose a light and breathable fabric which will allow you to add layers underneath or over the top without feeling like the Michelan Man. 

During Winter, Olivia can be sported layering wools and knits over her white tops which is a great way to warm up your Spring/Summer wardrobe and get the most use out of your classic white! 

I used to steer very clear from jeans. I could never find a pair that complemented my body shape and height, until I found the Lara High Rise Indigo Jeans. These jeans feel like a second skin and hugs me in all the right places which makes it perfect for my pear shaped body. 

Olivia can often be spotted in a pair of jeans on her on and off duty days. They are a great casual companion and dress it up in heels, a lipstick colour and a clutch and you'll instantly take your outfit from day to night. Hmmm... I now definitely see the appeal in jeans!

Find yourself a good knit and you'll feel like you're wearing a comfy pair of pyjamas in public.. minus the weird stares from onlookers. 

Although I have picked a turtle neck in this instance (they've been all the rage this season!) I would not look past an oversized cable knit or a poncho which are often sported by Olivia. All of these also go really well over the top of a basic white shirt or if its thick enough, on it's own. 

Ahhh, yes, the mule!!! FINALLY a pair of heels that don't punish my feet as I walk. I love the ease of slipping on a simple mule and how it ties together an outfit really well. I think every girl has a classic pair of black flats but if you need some extra oomph or just a finishing touch suitable for after work drinks, a black mule is your best bet. 

I've bought quite a few mules in my time which have ranged from $100 - 250, so I'm super stoked to find a pair of Boohoo mules for only $40 *love heart eyes*

So there you go, I hope you've enjoyed this Olivia Palermo post as inspired by If you haven't yet visited Boohoo and you're in need of a wardrobe haul, I would definitely recommend checking their hundreds of affordable items! There's nothing I love more then finding affordable staples :) 

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