Thursday, October 1, 2009

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Something Else by Natalie Wood Top (General Pants), Ring, Cuff and Bracelet (Diva), Laspampas Suede Lace Booties (C De C), Opaque Knee High Stockings (Sportsgirl)

I realized I've made a bit of a boo-boo. I promised a housekeeping entry but I've deleted a post from my old blog which had some questions posted there! If I've deleted your question by accident please feel free to re-post them :)

j:im in search of a new blush/bronzer as im almost out.. any suggestions?Thanks =)

You probably wouldn't be surprised to hear this since I've raved about this so much already but I love NAR's Blush/Bronzer duos! They are fairly dear but well worth the investment, I might do another review post on them but even though I've switched from the Laguna to the Casino (since warm weather is heading our way!) the Laguna/Orgasm duo will always be one of my favourites.

I don't know a fair lot about blushes, MAC blushes have done their job fine for me but cheaper bronzers that I'd definitely reccomend are the Cargo Bronzer, Benefit Hoola and the Physician's Formula Baked Pyramid Bronzer (Physician's formula have a lot of beautiful cheap bronzers! you'll be able to find them in drugstores, Priceline and Gloss).

Name: were you by any chance at wetherill today? i reallyliked your makeup! what did you use to highlight your cheeks? it was heaps pretty =]
Yes I think I was at wetherill that day, I don't exactly remember which day but I was in the area sometime last week. I was most likely using Benefit High Beam that day!

t: best undereye concealer?
You can probably see from my room tour vid that I don't own a lot of concealers and my skin is fairly dry so if your skin is combination/oily then it probably wouldn't react well to the ones I reccomend. Though, a lot of people with combination/oily skin love MAC's studio fix concealer, butit was very drying under my eyes and even on the blemishes on my face causing it to flake :( so I use liquid concealers. I really like Revlon Colorstay concealer and Physician's Formula concealer twin, and I hope that was helpful in some way or another!

person: for your nars stuff; is buying it on mecca cheaper then buying it in store? whats nars stuff do you have? could you do a review on each?
Unfortunately buying NARS products on the mecca website online costs the same amount as buying them at the mecca counter in store :( I don't have a lot of NARS products but I'll make a review on them :)

cb: did you purchase your nars bronzer/blush at mecca or online, if online which website? thanks =)
Hello! I actually purchased it at mecca and then went and ordered a back-up of it from ebay since it was a lot cheaper. However, when I recieved my package the casing was identical but the pan inside was a bit thicker around the edges and the colouring was about one or two shades lighter. So I did research online and realized that a lot of the stockists on ebay are selling counterfeit NARS products, most of the copycats are quite noticeable but the one I recieved, without opening it, looked very convincing! Scary!

t: Hey its me again LOL also wondering what size is the white/light purpleish pattern dress u wore on NYE? is that oversized too?
Haha I actually remember when I purchased that top! Yes it was oversized as well and I bought it during boxing day sales for $20!

And I'd just like to add a thankyou note for all your encouraging comments on my last entry :) I really appreciate it and I think I'm becoming a bit more comfortable with the idea of posting vids (so all my 7 subscribers could enjoy them, 2 of which are my best friends. Clearly I'm a youtube hit! hahahaha) I'll be looking forward to making more videos though!


  1. such a great outfit. i like your long hair and the white shirt!

  2. THATS the shirt i saw you in! :P I love it <3

  3. i love your hair how long did it take you to grow it that long? its so pretty its like my dream hair haha. and the advice was really helpful as well.
    loved it!

  4. sigh. annie you cease to amaze me. just so pretty!!!
    and where did you get that dress from. the one you wore to defqon? could you do a proper outfit post on it pretty please? it looks pretty!

  5. Make another vid soon !!!

  6. I love your outfit and look! =)
    I haven't tried any of the NARS blushes or bronzers but I do love their eye shadow!

  7. that shirttttt <3

  8. vrrrrrrrry creative outfit

  9. you're so pretty annie.

    with beautiful hair, beautiful clothes and nice everything :(

    i think you should do another video soon too =] i really enjoyed that last ones!!

    keep up this new blog because im in love with it!

    - J

  10. annieooooo could you do a review of the benefit high beam and moon beam? thankyou (L)

  11. Hi my friend, have a nice Saturday and visit me again. :)

  12. i like also your bracelet. have a fab weekend

  13. you should do makeup tutorials =)

  14. WOah is your hair natural or extension?

    It's so long xD


  15. Loving your top! and your hair... wish mine would grow out faster! I'm getting impatient!

  16. wow... so nice~! =D anyway ..passby...mind to visit back?=) lovess

  17. Thank you so much, you were very helpful =)
    I think I might try the Physicians Formula Baked Pyramid Bronzer and work my way up to the Nars products once I make some moolah LOL.

  18. Hot outfit, I love the print on the shirt

  19. Thanks lovely for following me on Twitter, lol.

    You're so adorable on your video. I'm a definite yes for more.

    Not sure if you know about which is worth checking out if you're a NARS fan. Since the dollar is strong atm, you can get most of your NARS products for less than half the price of Mecca.

  20. Hi love,
    haha my hair is extension dear <3 =(
    sucks coz I really want long & natural real hair! >.<

    Yeah we don't have much in aus that's why I always shop online haha (You always find things you can't buy within Aus) <3

    Hear from you soon...xox

  21. wow you are sooooo beautiful, love these pics!

  22. hi annie thank you for your lovely commment on my blog :) Im adding you to my blog roll list now, Love the outfit post above, you could be a model!!
    much love, xx

  23. Hi Annie,
    I was just wondering how often you use you LV Vernis Amarante bag?

  24. you are so beautiful, love your hair and make-up!!!

    xoxo zola

  25. Very nice rock trashy look. You pull it off well!